Youth Zone programming on Otago Access Radio provides the unique opportunity for aspiring young broadcasters to learn new skills and have fun while organising and creating their own radio shows.

There are lots of opportunities for new people to get involved, from being a guest on one of our Youth Zone shows, to presenting your own live radio segments.

If you want to get involved with the Youth Zone Programming, you can send an email to Youth Coordinator Domi at

Youth Zone's current project is The Source, made in collaboration with the Dunedin Youth Council. Click here to hear episodes from this series.

Youth Zone Schedule

4pm - 5pm Weekdays

Monday – Youth Zone Mondays

Rosa and Sam bring you music, interviews, news of upcoming events and opportunities for the after school audience. Along with guest hosts and special features.

Tuesday – Funky Monkey Underground (from 4pm)

Half an hour of improv comedy, great music, and discussion. Presented by Quinn, Louis, James, Connor, Silas, Arlo, Jack and Max. - Fortnightly

Tuesday – Switch Radio Show

The Switch Team from IDEA Services Youth Centre present their favourite music, personal stories, latest news, and the latest news from Switch. - Fortnightly

Tuesday – East West (from 4:30pm)

James and Birkita present their favourite Hindi, Fijian and World music as well as poetry, reviews and personal stories. - Fortnightly

Tuesday – The Cooked Spaghetti Show

Tia and Amy bring you the latest news and information from Alphabet Soup, a group for LGBTQA+ youth in Dunedin - Fortnightly

Wednesday – Global Youth NZ

Join Jayden TJ and Daniel for a weekly celebration of what young people from all nationalities are up to in Dunedin.

Thursday – Youth Zone Thursdays

Join Rose, Daisy and Tabitha as they bring you the latest in local events, opportunities and news from around the world. - Fortnightly

Friday – Youth Zone Fridays

Join Jodie, Karl, Larissa, Courtney and Caitlin for info on local events, latest news and segments. Alternating weekly with Brin, Sofia and Sujata.


Youth Zone Projects