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OAR FM Dunedin – The Voice of Your Community

OAR FM is your station – Dunedin people making programmes by, for and about the people of Dunedin and Otago. You can listen live, catch up on podcasts, tell us about community events or find out about making your own radio show.

Recently Updated

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Amjed Al-Saad has found a new life and a new way to celebrate his culture and language, more than 15,000km from his former home.

OAR FM’s move to new premises in October 2023 has improved the experience of creating radio shows and podcasts for people with disabilities.

A long-standing Dunedin radio programme with a literary focus has a new presenter.

After a wide-ranging journey around the rock and roll globe, OAR FM radio host Warren Voight is embarking on a further trip.

Popular Facebook group What’s News Dunedin? now has a radio platform for conversations about local issues.

A group of like-minded Pakistanis with a belief in the power of giving back to the community have launched a new programme and podcast on OAR FM.

The question of how we might work together towards achieving a world without war is the subject of Starfishing for Peace, a new programme and podcast on OAR FM hosted by Dunedin woman Kirsteen McLay.

New OAR FM radio show and podcast Brain Waves, presented by BIA Otago manager Jane Butterfield, is offering inspiration and information in equal measure.

OAR FM’s OARsome Morning Show listeners get a regular update on patient files on Creature Feature, a four-weekly conversation with Wildlife Hospital Dunedin manager Jordana Whyte.