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Important COVID-19 health messages for the Samoan community from the Ministry of Health, in Samoan language. (24th March)
Supporting your family whanau and others through the COVID-19 outbreak.

Dunedin Focus COVID-19

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The Valley Project during COVID-19

Tess Trotter reports on how the North East Valley community are helping each other during the COVID-19 outbreak. (27th March)
OARsome Morning Show interview with DMEC chairman Lux Selvanesan. (25th March)

Dr Denise Quinlan offers helpful tips on managing self-isolation at home on the OARsome Morning Show. (26th March)

Janet Hewson outlines the ways CAB is delivering services at this time. (20th March)

Radio Church
OARsome Morning Show
Real-Time Resilience: Coping During COVID-19
COVID-19 Health Information for Samoan Communities