Youth Zone Programming
on OAR FM Dunedin

Youth Zone programming on OAR FM Dunedin provides the unique opportunity for aspiring young broadcasters to learn new skills and have fun while organising and creating their own radio shows for free.

There are lots of opportunities for new people to get involved, from being a guest on one of our Youth Zone shows, to presenting your own live radio segments.

If you want to get involved with the Youth Zone Programming, you can send an email to Youth Coordinator Arina at or

Youth Zone Programming on Otago Access Radio is made possible from the generous support from NZ on Air, Otago Community Trust and the Otago Community Broadcasters’ Society.

Current Youth Zone Shows

Fletcher’s World – Monday 4 PM
Listen as Fletcher brings you music, chat, and segments like you’ve never heard before. – Fortnightly

Radioactive – Monday 4.30 PM
Join Rupert and Esme as they explore their favourite aspects of science. – Fortnightly

IDK – Monday 4 PM
Sam and Jacob bring you the latest music, news, stories and a new random theme each episode. – Fortnightly

Dunedin Youth Council On Air – Monday 4.30 PM
News, Updates and Interviews from the current members of the Dunedin Youth Council – Fortnightly

Dear Younger Me – Tuesday 4 PM
On Dear Younger Me we will be having conversations with people from an array of communities and contexts about what they with they could say to their younger self. – Fortnightly

Thoughts and Theories – Tuesday 4 PM
Join Asya Ahmadasri as she gives her thoughts and delves deeper into the theories of popular films, books, TV shows and other fun things. – Fortnightly

Hear Us Say – Wednesday 4 PM
Hear Us Say with Ranisha challenges individuals to think about their values and beliefs. We ask questions like ‘What is privilege?’ to ‘What is the line between funny and offensive?’ – Fortnightly

Operation: Rakatahi – Wednesday 4 PM
Join Leo tackle a new topic each episode – covering a wide range of topics and issues that young people face every day. – Fortnightly

Global Youth NZ – Thursday 4 PM
A show for young people, by young people. Jayden, Jaiyushka and Lily bring you an hour of multicultural info, music, news and special guests. – Weekly

Things I Fished Out of a Creek – Friday 4 PM
Opening with things you can find in creeks, before delving into all sorts of creative endeavours. This show features interviews and discussion about all things fun or great! – Fortnightly

Choice As – Friday 4.30 PM
Join Karl as he brings you the latest in local music as well as some kiwi favourites. Hear from the musicians, discover new music, and celebrate New Zealand’s unique music scene. – Fortnightly

Bangers and Trash – Friday 4 PM
Rosa brings you the Best and the Worst – filled with interviews and music for the after school audience – Fortnightly

The Youth Impact – Friday 4.30 PM
TBC – Weekly

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