Youth Zone Programming
on OAR FM Dunedin

Youth Zone programming on OAR FM Dunedin provides the unique opportunity for aspiring young broadcasters to learn new skills and have fun while organising and creating their own radio shows for free.

There are lots of opportunities for new people to get involved, from being a guest on one of our Youth Zone shows, to presenting your own live radio segments.

If you want to get involved with the Youth Zone Programming, you can send an email to Youth Coordinator Domi at

Youth Zone Programming on Otago Access Radio is made possible from the generous support from NZ on Air, Otago Community Trust and the Dunedin Central Rotary Club and the Otago Community Broadcasters’ Society

You can download the Youth Zone App for Android from – Download and listen to podcasts, watch video created by our Youth Zone broadcasters, and find out what is happening in Dunedin in the Youth Zone Gig Guide.

Current Youth Zone Shows

The Loud Silence – 4pm Monday
Join Missy for stories, inspiration, empowerment, environment topics and knowledge that will help uplift and encourage a more positive outlook on our lives and future. – Fortnightly

IDK – 4pm Monday
Sam and Jacob bring you the latest music, news, stories and a new random theme each episode. – Fortnightly

Radioactive – 4:30pm Monday
Join Rupert and Esme as they explore their favourite aspects of science. – Fortnightly

East West – 4pm Tuesday
James, Birkita and guests present their favourite Hindi, Fijian and World music as well as poetry, reviews and personal stories. – Fortnightly

Choice As – 4:30pm Tuesday
Join Karl every second Tuesday, as he brings you the latest in local music as well as some kiwi favourites. Hear from the musicians, discover new music, and celebrate New Zealand’s unique music scene. – Fortnightly

Operation: Rangatahi – 4pm Tuesday
Esther and Leo and special guest hosts will tackle a new topic each episode – covering a wide range of topics and issues that young people face every day. – Fortnightly

Global Youth NZ – Wednesdays
A show for young people, by young people. Jayden, Jaiyushka and Lily bring you an hour of multicultural info, music, news and special guests.

Youth Zone Thursdays
Join Tabitha, Jared, Kirsten and Cody as they bring you the latest in local events, opportunities and interviews with young people from around Dunedin.

Project Rioteer – 4pm Friday
Join Ashley for discussion and information about how you can make a difference in your community. Hear from local community groups, guest speakers, and students, as they talk about the topics that matter to young people in Dunedin. – Fortnightly

Bangers and Trash – 4pm Friday
Rosa and Trent bring you the Best and the Worst – filled with interviews and music for the after school audience – Fortnightly

Dunedin’s Declassified 2000’s Revival Guide – 4:30pm Friday
A comedy and conversation show focused around indie music/film and the Dunedin alternative scene and discussion of the nostalgia associated with “lost media” of the 2000’s and early 2010s – Fortnightly

Youth Zone Projects