OAR FM hosts podcasts and radio shows by, for and about young people in Ōtepoti Dunedin. Programmes are broadcast on radio 105.4 FM and 1575 AM, podcast on & other platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Make your own podcasts and radio shows! Share your passions, stories, culture, languages, and uniqueness in an inclusive environment.

Experience broadcasting and podcasting with us and gain valuable technical and presentation skills.

Get in touch with Arina Aizal, the Station’s Youth Coordinator at for more information!

Current Youth Zone Shows

Dunedin Youth Council On Air – Mondays 4 PM
News, Updates and Interviews from the current members of the Dunedin Youth Council – Weekly

Minor Gossip – Mondays 4.30 PM
Members of the Dunedin Youth Writers Association share about writing, reading, and the Dunedin arts and literature scene. – Weekly

Thoughts and Theories – Tuesday 4 PM
Join Asya Ahmadasri as she gives her thoughts and delves deeper into the theories of popular films, books, TV shows and other fun things. – Fortnightly

Sofea’s Study Space – Tuesday 4 PM
Sofea discusses different study techniques and how they can be implemented into a study routine. – Fortnightly

Filmography Now! – Wednesday 4 PM
Join Leo and various guest hosts, for a deep dive into the latest and classic non-mainstream film and television. – Fortnightly

Vibe Check – Wednesday 4.30 PM
Features young people and youth support organisations in Dunedin! – Fortnightly

Little Fish in the Big Sea – Wednesday 4 PM
Shining light on the little voices that are lost in all the commotion. – Fortnightly

Global Youth NZ – Thursdays 4 PM
A show for young people, by young people. Jaiyvish and Tallulah bring you an hour of multicultural info, music, news and special guests. – Weekly

Factbeast – Friday 3.30 PM
Let’s dive into a world of exciting facts on Factbeast, hosted by Ajax Banstola. – Fortnightly

Political Pulse – Friday 3.30 PM
Unravel politics with the energy of youth with Irfaan Ariffin. No filters, just fresh perspectives. – Fortnightly

Noticing Neoliberalism – Friday 4 PM
Libby Flett invites you to unpack the ideas that shape public policy and economic thought – neoliberalism. – Fortnightly

Fletcher’s World – Friday 4.30 PM
Listen as Fletcher brings you music, chat, and segments like you’ve never heard before. – Fortnightly

Bangers and Trash – Podcast

Rosa brings you the Best and the Worst – filled with interviews and music for the after school audience.

Things I Fished Out of a Creek – Podcast
Opening with things you can find in creeks, before delving into all sorts of creative endeavours. This show features interviews and discussion about all things fun or great!

Youth Zone Projects