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Never Ending Journey Into RockA journey into the history of rock and roll that began on radio six and …2018/04/202018-04-20 15:40:30
Podcasts Explore Wild DunedinA series of podcasts exploring our relationship with local wildlife is complementing the Wild Dunedin …2018/04/202018-04-20 15:36:09
Town Belt Plays Part in Thriller PodcastThriller: Local writer Emily Duncan has placed the Town Belt at the heart of three-part …2018/03/202018-03-20 11:16:14
Music Geeks Share MisadventuresGeeking out: Viki Kingsley-Holmes (left) and Amanda Mills host Misadventures in Sound on OAR FM …2018/03/202018-03-20 11:14:03
Free Dunedin Community Noticeboard LaunchedComprehensive coverage: OAR FM Community Liaison Jeff Harford holds flyers publicising the station’s free Dunedin …2018/03/202018-03-20 11:08:05
Arts Show Debunks MythsIf you don’t know much about art but you know what you like,The Arty Farty …2018/02/082018-02-08 12:39:36
A Positive Spin To New ShowIf the doom and gloom of daily news is getting you down, a new show …2018/02/082018-02-08 12:29:47
Youth Activist Backing a Quiet RiotAshley King is calling on local youth to riot – or rather, be a riot. …2017/12/192017-12-19 13:58:56
Stronger Presence for Ethnic Communities On AirThe voice of Dunedin ethnic communities in local media just got a little stronger, with …2017/12/192017-12-19 13:55:04
Veteran Broadcaster Hosts Sunday MatineeSundays at 4pm is the time to take off your gardening gloves, put the kettle …2017/10/242017-10-24 12:31:10
Kiwi Music First Choice For Young BroadcasterOne of Otago Access Radio’s regular Youth Zone crew is stepping out on his own …2017/10/242017-10-24 12:28:24
Calling All Tech-Minded Teens!We have an amazing opportunity for you to be involved with the development of a …2017/09/252017-09-25 11:20:06
Election Coverage 2017Child Poverty Election Candidate Forum On Wednesday 23 August 2017 a General Election Candidates Forum …2017/09/072017-09-07 14:37:59
Tech ExplainersA new show on Otago Access Radio is shedding light on the often murky world …2017/08/282017-08-28 12:59:46
BluesologyDunedin blues fan Tony Nielsen is not letting his “one big regret” get in the …2017/08/282017-08-28 12:48:48
Indigenous EncountersA student of Indigenous Studies at the University of Otago is using her research as …2017/08/282017-08-28 12:43:02
Law Talks Put Listeners On Front FootA weekly Otago Access Radio segment is providing insight into how New Zealand law impacts …2017/07/112017-07-11 17:08:59
Back On Air with Fine TunesThe love of new music has lured Dunedin man Alistair Addis back to the Otago …2017/06/212017-06-21 11:28:07
All Glammed Up For Friday Night RadioOtago Access Radio’s Friday night line-up has a little added sparkle, courtesy of two committed …2017/05/122017-05-12 10:56:19
All About the Bass in the Strobe RoomIf you don’t know your Acid House from your Dub Techno but love electronic music …2017/05/122017-05-12 10:48:59
Disability and Health Show Plenty to DigestDunedin-based social service organisation Disability Information Service (DIS) is using radio as a means of …2017/02/242017-02-24 12:33:40
Radio Explores the Power of Positive ActionRape Crisis Dunedin is using radio as a way of highlighting the achievements of organisations …2017/02/242017-02-24 12:26:12
The Search Is On For Young PoetsRadio/Podcast Series to Profile 20 Dunedin Writers Aged 14-18 Years Otago Access Radio’s Youth Zone …2017/02/202017-02-20 14:47:46
The Source ProjectWelcome to The Source The Source is an 11 Part Series focusing on what you …2017/01/302017-01-30 16:55:31
Radio Show Profiles Peninsula People in Trust’s Golden Anniversary YearThe Otago Peninsula Trust’s 50th Anniversary year promises a golden opportunity to share the beauty, …2017/01/092017-01-09 14:06:18
Plenty of Choice for Summertime ListeningOtago Access Radio listeners will have no shortage of locally produced shows to enjoy over …2016/12/202016-12-20 16:21:14
Radio Show Promotes Self-Help Health ResourcesA new Otago Access Radio show is promoting access to reliable, evidence-based self-help health resources. …2016/11/242016-11-24 14:21:15
New Show Draws Inspiration From Radio LegendThe latest volunteer broadcaster to join the stable of music show hosts on Otago Access …2016/10/182016-10-18 15:52:22
Love Affair with Braille leads to Multi-Platform Radio ShowDunedin woman Julie Woods’ love affair with braille has led to an innovative podcast series, …2016/10/052016-10-05 11:23:39
Education Focus for Pacific Island Radio ShowA new talkback radio programme aimed at Dunedin’s Pacific Island communities is focusing attention on …2016/09/132016-09-13 12:53:40
Brain Health Focus of Radio ShowBrain health and support for those living with a neurological condition is the focus of …2016/08/242016-08-24 09:58:34
Radio Show on ABC’s of Conscious LivingDunedin-based clinical psychologist Dr Kumari Valentine has created a radio series around the power of …2016/08/012016-08-01 13:16:26
Search On For Specialist Music ShowsOtago Access Radio is welcoming anyone with a love of music to share their enthusiasm …2016/06/282016-06-28 15:53:46
Loving the Lifestyle on the TaieriYou would be hard pressed to find a man more proud to be living on …2016/06/072016-06-07 12:01:05
First-time Broadcasters in Safe HandsThey say there’s a first time for everything and for many of Otago Access Radio’s …2016/04/122016-04-12 11:55:13
Radio Show Navigates Social Media ‘Minefield’To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question. Or perhaps one of many …2016/03/312016-03-31 16:33:53
Art Auction 2016Otago Access Radio’s Art Auction Wednesday 23rd March, 6pm Community Gallery, 20 Princes Street 70-plus …2016/03/082016-03-08 15:54:00
Oil Free Otago Takes To AirwavesOil Free Otago Radio – Wednesdays, 1pm Local climate justice group Oil Free Otago has …2015/11/242015-11-24 12:25:08
A Voice for the DisabledNoteable Radio – Every second Tuesday, 1pm The voice of the Dunedin disability community just …2015/11/242015-11-24 12:03:16
Doing “Good Work” For CommunityA little chaos is not a bad thing but a sense of community is vital, …2015/11/172015-11-17 09:29:42
“Global Kids NZ” Tops Air AwardsTwo of Otago Access Radio’s younger broadcasters were the big winners at Otago Access Radio’s …2015/11/172015-11-17 09:02:37
Unplugged 2015Youth Zone Unplugged 2015 was another chance for young local musicians to get their music on …2015/09/252015-09-25 14:38:10
Young Leaders in a Changing WorldYoung Leaders in a Changing World was a 20 part series showcasing the wide range of interests, talents, …2015/06/252015-06-25 14:34:41
Youth Zone UnpluggedYouth Zone Unplugged was a 10 part series showcasing the wide range of musical talent in …2014/07/252014-07-25 14:31:38
Youth Zone Live SessionsYouth Zone Live Sessions was run as part of Youth Week 2014. In celebration of …2014/05/252014-05-25 14:28:50


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