Youth Zone Podcasts

Youth Zone on OAR FM provides a unique opportunity for young aspiring podcasters in Dunedin to learn new skills and create their own podcasts for free.

If you’d like to get involved with Youth Zone, hit us up at

Dunedin Youth Council on Air

News | Interviews | Local Events

Minor Gossip

Writing | Reading | Arts and Literature

Noticing Neoliberalism

Public Policy | Politics | Economics

Sofea's Study Space

Study Tips | University | Productivity

Filmography Now!

Film | Television | Non-mainstream

Little Fish in The Big Sea

Racism | Feminism | Conversations

Thoughts and Theories

Films | TV Shows | Books

Fletcher's World

Cooking | Music | Sports | Tintin

Live Laugh Law with Lauren

Law Degree | Funny Stories | Cases

Bangers and Trash

Music | Trending | Interviews

Global Youth NZ

Multicultural Info | Music | News

Vibe Check

Events | Wellbeing | Youth