Te Reo Boom

Image Credit - The Morrisons (Carolyn Sylvester)

In 2018 Stuff reported on te reo Māori courses “selling out as fast as tickets for Ed Sheeran or Adele”. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern recently pledged to ensure that a million New Zealanders can kōrero with confidence in te reo Māori by 2040. We gather four energetic te reo advocates to take the pulse of one of New Zealand’s official languages: Scotty and Stacey Morrison (authors of Māori Made Easy and Māori at Home), and local te reo champions Paulette Tamati-Elliffe and Komene Cassidy. Chaired by the man who got Don Brash all flustered for “spouting on” in te reo Māori on RNZ: Guyon Espiner.