STeudaemonia – International Students Living Well

From Plains FM in Christchurch

“STeudaemonia: International students living well” is a show by, for and about international students in Canterbury, supported by the Ministry of Education’s International Student Wellbeing Strategy funding.

Our talented international student broadcasters address various issues of wellbeing, providing everything from humour and light relief, to international music, to information and advice for others.

The show is hosted by a number of groups from different educational institutions, including:

Ara Institute of Canterbury,
University of Canterbury Global India Reach club with “Desi Adda” (primarily in English),
University of Canterbury Chinese Students’ and Scholars’ Society (in Mandarin, Cantonese or English, depending on the show content),
KITE (Kiwi Institute of Training and Education),
Southern Cross Language Institute,
Aspire2, and the International Students of Canterbury Association

‘Eudaemonia’ is a Greek word meaning happiness / wellness / flourishing – and we hope that this show helps international students make the absolute most of their stay in New Zealand!

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