Science Academy Podcasts

Get the inside scoop from students of the University of Otago’s 2019 Science Academy. Students from isolated or under-served communities from around the country have come to Dunedin for an intensive week submerged in the world of science. Listen in as they share their experiences.

Physicists on the Pitch
by Abdul Ahmadi

Discover the science behind Soccer! From Newton’s Laws of Physics, to the Magnus Effect and the use of Cleats.

Operation: Space-cial Exploration
by Jessica Marshall

Billions of stars, hundreds of planets, a black hole or two, but how do we know this? What feats of engineering were needed to bring us this knowledge and what will be needed to further understand the world around us?

The Periodic Podcast
by Niamh Frizzell

This podcast is about history of the periodic table and the International Year Of the Periodic Table and the celebrations that will happen because of it.

Error 1387 Gene Unavoidable
by Seruwaia Matairavula

In this podcast I discuss Genetics at Otago University and how the study can benefit humanity. I am accompanied by Sean, a Masters student studying genetics, and Science Academy attendee, Cameron.

The Extraterrestrial Podcast
by Corban Taylor

If you want to listen in to a good friend and I talk about aliens and all that jazz then listen in, as we discuss our views on alien beliefs.

Are We Living in a Simulation?
by Maddison Ridder with Cameron Bergin.

Have you ever felt like you have no control, like your whole life is set out for you? Have you ever thought that maybe you’re living in a simulation? Well, it’s more possible than you’d think. This podcast is going to investigate the reasons why we could be part of a simulation.

Lost in Translation
by Gemma Marnane

If you are willing to deny convention, it becomes more worthy of attention. For all the knowledge, all the fear we forget to speak of, the meaning which is hidden. Take this, imagine, the world in words. It forms languages and societies, stipulates mutations, natural selection and forms gene pools and populations. It’s the world. We are all just a little lost in translation.

Becoming a Midwife
by Tamel Robertson

My podcast is based on the life of a midwife and their duties in their role. I will be interviewing midwife Margaret Gardner to gather information for the listeners as well as myself as I plan on beginning my study to become a midwife next year, in 2020.