Science Academy Podcasts

Get the inside scoop from students of the University of Otago’s 2021 Science Academy.

Students from isolated or under-served communities from around the country have come to Dunedin for an intensive week submerged in the world of science.

Listen in as they share their experiences.

Why Do I Matter?Do you ever wonder why you matter? I would like to shed light on how our mass ‘that takes up space’ does not mean we are just space takers, but just like matter we all have volume. – by Caroline Kyle
The Coming Together of Two WorldsIn this podcast I explore the relationship between Art and Science. How the two are more alike than you think… – by Channtae Lichtwark
Power vs TorqueThe age old debate of what is the more important, power or torque? The discussion today is about what they are, how they are calculated, how to increase them and if you should be considering them at all when choosing your next car. – by Corbin Duerre
Atoms – They make up everything!Did you know we have known about atoms for over 2500 years? Did you know that a kiwi scientist who went to school 15 minutes from where I lived proved atoms have a nucleus? Join me as I explore the evolution of the model of the atom to what we know today, tying in some Aotearoa history and a reflection on the ever changing nature of our scientific understanding along the way. Atoms really do…matter. – by Jack Clerke
The Science of BarbershopBarbershop singing is surprisingly scientific. Learn about the harmony, melody and overtones that work together to make a beautiful sound. – by Josiah Lyford
Who Are You?This podcast consists of the factual information about the psychology of peronality traits, that constant search for who you are, and how society has subliminally molded you. Complimented by the perspective of others on who they think they actually are. – by Sadie Wech