Science Academy Podcasts

Get the inside scoop from students of the University of Otago’s 2022 Science Academy.

Students from isolated or under-served communities from around the country have come to Dunedin for an intensive week submerged in the world of science.

Listen in as they share their experiences.

Navigators of the South
Makeleta Alofaki

It is written in history that the greatest explorers of the world were founded on conquest and fuelled by bravery, with stories like the Vikings sailing off to discover new lands.

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Mary Martin

In this episode of the Science Academy Podcast, we will be exploring the ways that animals and plants respond to changes in their environments.

The Stupendous Scale of Entirely Everything!
Daniel McAteer

I was recently thinking about the size of the earth and how big it is compared to us, and how it is so small compared to the sun, and how the sun is so small compared to the universe. In this podcast I will take you on a journey to give you a sense of scale, so that you can understand where you fit in.

How Radiation Could Save Your Life
Alena Johnston

Quite often when people think of radiation, they think explosions and it being harmful but radiation is often used in medicine for things that can save your life. I will be talking about these things in my podcast.

H2 Oh No!
Jordan Mauu

A majority of the world’s population use fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal and natural gases to generate energy. This podcast aims to describe the chemical processes of converting fuel to energy and we will explore the environmental impact.

The Adolescent Mind
Shayla Traynor

Today I will be defining the undefinable, explaining the inexplicable and clarifying the unclear that is the adolescent mind. Tune in as I explain the adolescent mind through science.

Are You Positive?
Marc Dorotan

In this episode of the Science Academy Podcast, we will go beyond the atom to learn how they were discovered and what they are made of. Think like a proton and always be positive!