School Shows

Radio Shows and Podcasts created by Dunedin Schools

The Nukes: Dunedin Schools Tour 2018

Take a listen to the fabulous ukulele trio, The Nukes, as they tour Dunedin schools, engaging and delighting local young ukulele players with their workshops and concerts. You can also hear what students from Musselburgh, Tainui, Tahuna and Abbotsford Schools have to say.

George Street Normal School's Model 1A News

Students from Model 1A present their radio show, Model 1A News. They talk about everything from what it’s like being a Model 1A student, their favourite STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) projects, strength directed learning activities and their teacher to music, radio, communication and traveling through the Bermuda triangle.

Peripatus Project Podcast

Hear the participants of the Peripatus Schools Project talk about what they are doing as part of the project and why, as well as hear some of their findings so far. Dr C and the teachers talk about the project background and discuss why hands-on, real science is important for children.

Otago Girls' High School Shows

Radio shows created by the media studies classes at Otago Girls’ High School

Kings High School Shows

Radio Shows and Podcasts created by Kings High School Students.