School Shows 2019

Radio Shows and Podcasts created by Dunedin Schools

The NICE Radio Show

Nicholas, Imogen, Claudia and Edward get into Christmas spirit with a NICE radio show for you.

Dunedin Uncovered and Rediscovered with St Mary's on Air

Senior students at St Mary’s School had their school camp right here in Dunedin this year. Listen in to find out what they uncovered and rediscovered during their two day exploration of the city.
The year 4 and 5 children; Stani, Alicia, Isobel and Matthew, tell us all about day one and the year 6 children; Lacharna, Gabriel, Ethan and Sophie, discuss day two.

Let Me Be Myself, Anne Frank at Otago Girls High School

Otago Girls’ High School are hosting an International touring exhibition on Anne Frank’s life created by the Amsterdam based Anne Frank House Museum. The exhibition is open to the public during the school holidays (28 Sept – 13 Oct). The girls have been delving into Anne Franks life. Here they are sharing some extracts from Anne Frank’s diary. 
The music heard during this piece is the theme from Schindler’s List by John Williams played by Otago Girls’ student Rose Stevenson on the violin, accompanied by Abhinath Berry on piano. 

DNI on Air

The DNI GLaM Syndicate has been focusing on the many forms of storytelling this term. You can hear their stories in their classroom shows and check out a DNI Assembly presented by the students of Rooms 1, 3 and 4.

DNI Rm 1
DNI Rm 3

DNI on Air – Rm 1
The students of Rm1, share their narratives, focusing on myths and legends and social studies investigations 

DNI on Air – Rm 3
Rm 3 students worked in groups to create and present their stories including short films and a radio play.

DNI on Air -Rm 4
Can you work out truth from fiction in these narratives from the students of Rm 4

DNI Assembly Broadcast
27 September, 2019 school assembly presented by the GLaM Syndicate

Opoho School Discovery Radio

Some students from Opoho School have been joining us at the station to learn about radio and plan and create their own radio shows. Just listen to the results!

The Radio Rangers
Max, Zoe, Lewis M and Lewis S share some of their favourite music, stories about their family and ancestry and talk about what’s trending at school and around the world.
The Chatterboxes
Ella, Nella, Stella and Julia talk about travels that have changed their lives, music the enjoy and interesting things they’ve discovered about Opoho history.
The Ever Crew
Join Elaine, Aubrey, Oscar and Frank to find out what they like about Opoho School, listen to some of their favourite jokes and songs and even have a little lesson in Mandarin. 
Chameleon Comedians
Lucy, Sophia, Josiah and Ngaio talk about everything from cool things to do in Dunedin to visiting family in France and share some of their favourite animals and music,
The Absolutely Anything Show
Cadence, Jom, Scottie and Kura play some music and talk about absolutely anything, including some exciting stories, a debate about Minecraft vs. Roblox and  even get ready for a world record attempt.
The Interesting Alligators 
Adam, Abi, Hannah and Brock share some of their writing and family stories, talk about their pets and play some music.

Ngā Kura o Ōtepoti Kapa Haka

OAR FM visits Dunedin Schools kapa haka groups as they get ready for Polyfest in honour of Te Marama Pūoru Waiata Māori (Māori Music Month)

Balmacewen on Air - Hooked on Science

Three groups of young scientists from Balmacewen Intermediate created these radio show podcasts as part of their mission to engage and inspire younger scientists. Take a listen and get some ideas for experiments you can do at home! 

East Taieri School - When I Was Young

A social history series by the students of East Taieri School, hosted by Olive, Matilda, Oliver and Rebecca
As part their studies celebrating the 125th Anniversary of Woman getting the vote in New Zealand, the children have been interviewing older family members and women in their community to find out how things have changed for women over the years.

Episode 1: Children from East Taieri School got to interview a group of older ladies during their meet up day, thanks to Mosgiel Elderly Care Trust.

Episode 2: Children from East Taieri School interview their older family members to understand what life was like when they were young.

Featuring: Zac and Mrs. B, Hana and Cam, Sophie and Lynn, Jordan and Wendy, Jessie and Kath 

Episode 3: Chelsea interviews Margaret and starts a discussion with family about how life has changed over the years for women in New Zealand.

Featuring: Chelsea, Margaret and family

Episode 4: Kellyn interviews her grandmother, Jenny as part of East Taieri Schools social history investigation around the 125th Anniversary of Woman getting the vote in New Zealand.

Featuring: Kellyn and Jenny​

Peripatus Project Podcast

Hear the participants of the Peripatus Schools Project talk about what they are doing as part of the project and why, as well as hear some of their findings so far. Dr C and the teachers talk about the project background and discuss why hands-on, real science is important for children.

Otago Girls' High School Shows

Radio shows created by the media studies classes at Otago Girls’ High School

Columba College

Visiting French and Spanish exchange students present an hour of music and commentary.

Kings High School Shows

Radio Shows and Podcasts created by Kings High School Students.