Programme Maker Information

What does it cost?

Otago Access Radio is a not-for-profit radio station which is partially funded by New Zealand on Air. Their support allows us to provide broadcasting facilities for a hugely subsidised price.

Most programmes are half-hour or an hour in length, and either weekly or fortnightly. Monthly shows may be possible but must first be discussed with the station manager.

Airtime costs

Here are the costs for airtime on Otago Access Radio:

Programme Broadcast Rates

Regular Programmes26 minutes$20 incl. GST
Regular Programmes56 minutes$38 incl. GST
One-off Programme26 minutes$38 incl. GST
One-off Programme56 minutes$63 incl. GST

Any regularly repeated programmes are charged at half-price. All other repeats are charged at the usual rate for your timeslot.

School Radio/Podcast Package

Primary Schoolsup to 56 minutes$138.00 incl. GST
Secondary Schoolsup to 56 minutes$138.00 incl. GST
Secondary Schools (NCEA Level)26 minutes$158.70 incl. GST

A note about sponsorship

If you want to make a show but feel you would have difficulty paying for it, you can seek commercial sponsorship. This would entail the sponsor paying for your airtime in exchange for naming rights to your show and a number of ads for them played each episode. We can provide advice and resources to help you find sponsors if you need us to.

Production Assistance

Ongoing production is available for live broadcast and pre-recorded shows for an additional cost

  • 26 minutes     $15.00 incl GST
  • 56 minutes     $22.00 incl GST

Once you sign up to make a regular show you will receive:

Free technical training

  • Training sessions take an hour, and you’ll probably need between two and four of them depending on your current level of technical confidence.


  • We record a 30-second promo for your show, to be broadcast on a minimum of seven occasions over the three days leading up to your show.
  • We produce ads for any programme sponsors, to be played during your show.
  • We feature our shows on this website, and profile new shows in our newsletter ‘Hearsay’.
  • We can assist you to create promotional material for your show, and to distribute it widely (eg: posters, graphic images for this website).

Access to the station’s recording facilities

  • We can do some recording work for your programme, to be booked in advance with the studio engineer (extra studio pre-recording time is charged at $57.50 including GST per hour).
  • We can organise pre-recording of some episodes of your show so you can keep them in reserve in case of emergency

Internet Radio

  • We live-stream through this website 24 hours a day – meaning we can be heard worldwide.


  • Podcasts of the latest episodes of your programme can be downloaded from this website – meaning listeners from here and around the world can listen at a time convenient to them.

What’s the next step?

Phone station manager Lesley Paris on (03) 471 6161 or email her at Or drop by the station – we’re open weekdays from 9am to 5.30pm, located in Dunedin Community House, 301 Moray Place (opposite the Countdown Supermarket carpark). We’d love to see you and are happy to answer any questions you might have.