New Shows on OAR FM Dunedin

Monday 18th November @ 6pm

In 2019, the University of Otago held a creative writing competition as part of the University’s 150th celebrations.

In these podcasts, the competition winners present their work.

Every Second Thursday @ 6pm

Empowerment and motivation through music, art, interviews, and jazz hands

Thursdays @ 9:30am

It’s time to prioritise the protection of the Earth, our only home. Extinction Rebellion presents Ōtepoti Dunedin’s Environment Awareness Show.

Thursdays @ 8:30pm

Moffside is a football podcast on the beautiful game from the perspective of the south of the South Island. Presented by Stuart Moffatt (Moff) and Danny Ledwith (Ledz).

Every Second Saturday @ 12:30pm

Writers who started their journey with a 12-week Literacy Aotearoa writing class emerge from their basement classroom to share new works with you and the world.

Mondays @ 7pm

Headscarves and Good Yarns is all about celebrating the differences we have in our community.

Every Second Friday @ 10am

Members of the Society, and wider Scottish community, explore the connections between Dunedin, Edinburgh and Scotland, culminating in November’s St Andrews Day Celebrations in the Octagon.

Every Wednesday @ 10am

Robert Griffith introduces an open and honest discussion about suicide and mental health in our community.  

Every Second Thrusday @ 3pm

A podcast created to communicate shark science to the general public in an engaging and creative manner. A conversational style podcast with shark experts interviewed from around the world.

Every Second Thursday @ 9pm

Angus Pauley interviews Dunedin based founders and experts in particular fields as they discuss the tools, tips, tricks and habits that have helped make them successful.

Mondays @ 5pm

A six-week pre-election radio, podcast and video series on OAR FM. Each week, aspiring mayoral candidates will be paired for a half-hour interview discussion.


Radio Shows and Podcasts created by Dunedin Schools


Get the inside scoop from students of the University of Otago’s 2019 Science Academy. 

Every Second Sunday @ 2pm

Join Ron Mackintosh every second Sunday for an hour of contemporary Scottish Music, stories and commentary.

Tuesdays @ Midday

On Daring to be Wise, we talk with people from all corners of the University community – inspirational stories from educators, administrators, and those whose time at Otago made a lasting impression.