Lasting Impression: The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry Project

In March 2015, the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry set off on a two-year-long trip around the globe. In the weeks and months that followed, Scottish communities across Europe, Australasia and North American hosted local exhibitions and events to celebrate their own section of the tapestry.

Toitu Otago Settlers Museum was the only venue in the country to display the tapestry when it toured in April 2016.

The tapestry contains more than 300 embroidered panels, including 11 exclusive to New Zealand. It is a remarkable and heart-felt homage to the determination, courage and achievement of Scottish migrants and their descendants across the centuries.

South Island women Fiona Lundy, Rosemary Farmer and Frances Gardner contributed several Dunedin and other panels to the show.

In radio documentary and podcast Lasting Impression: The Scottish Diaspora Project, Scottish freelance journalist Stuart McFarlane meets with some of the people behind this extraordinary global community arts project. Included are interviews recorded in Dunedin, when the tapestry was on tour.