For Our People – Diverse Dunedin Shares Its Vaccination Stories

In this podcast and radio series, our ethnic communities share stories on their personal and cultural reasons for getting fully vaccinated.

For Our People is made with the support of the Ministry of Health ‘COVID-19 vaccine: Ethnic Communities Communications Fund’. 

Episode 1 | Jasmin Ramli

Malaysian student Anis Arina Jasmin Md Ramli is a graduate in Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Otago.

Episode 2 | Lisa Li

Lisa Li from China made New Zealand home with her family since 20 years ago.

Episode 3 | Amir Amini

From Iran, ‘Prince of Persia’ Amir Amini, was a PhD student in Food Science introducing a new functional food with the additional health benefits.


Episode 4 | Juncheng Liu

Juncheng Liu currently works as a postdoc researcher at department of computer science, University of Otago. He came to New Zealand in 2019 right after he obtained his PhD degree from Peking University, China. He has been working on and passionate about developing AI / machine learning related algorithms.


Episode 5 | Nuzla Ismail

Nuzla Ismail is a researcher at University of Otago who completed her PhD in Information Science last year. She is passionate about technology and empowering women. Nuzla shares her vaccination story in the point of view of a Sri Lankan and also a pregnant mother.