Waitati Writer Shares Radio Drama

A new eight-part radio play with a cast of local characters has joined OAR FM Dunedin’s Sunday evening line-up.

In writer and producer Stephen James Bourne’s Dick of the Bay, a vehicular U-turns leads to unforeseen consequences.

An off-duty head of supermarket security chief finds himself in a small community shaken by a recent tragic death and unwanted intrusion. Compelled through his natural desire for justice and moral duty, he uncovers evidence of an amazing historic event.

Mr Bourne said his radio drama drew together strands of local history, gossip and imagination to create a meaningful story that comes alive through spoken word and sound effects.

“As a child, I remember certain radio series’ that had me absolutely spellbound, and the sound effects really grabbed me.

“It’s the realism that I find magic.”

Dick of the Bay was recorded and produced in Mr Bourne’s Blueskin Bay home studio, with friends, family and neighbours enlisted as voice actors.

Sound effects such as bird song and the crashing of ocean waves were sourced from the local environment. Other sounds, such as the dripping of water in a cave, were created using kitchen utensils and other household items.

Mr Bourne said his hope was that his example would encourage others to give making radio drama a go.

“A real story can be developed into something entertaining.

“Everyone has a real-life story of interest to the masses. The problem is that when you’re dead the story dies with you, and that’s a real shame.”

Dick of the Bay airs on Sundays at 9pm on OAR 105.4FM and 1575AM. Podcasts are available from [HERE] Google podcasts and Apple podcasts.