Travels Inspire Young Podcaster


A new programme and podcast on OAR FM’s Youth Zone is exploring questions of identity through the lens of a young migrant.

Anaya Mundamattam (17) is more widely travelled than most girls her age. With both parents working for non-government agencies in the development sector, she and younger sister Aahana have followed their path from homeland India to Cambodia, Malawi, Bangladesh and now New Zealand.

Anaya talks about one of the key challenges of this cross-cultural lifestyle in the first episode of her podcast, Little Fish in the Big Sea.

“I felt like I had to actively change my personality and self to supposedly fit in, which is apparently a requirement in your pre-teens and teens.

“This whole idea of having multiple selves is not purely a migrant experience but I feel it is especially pronounced in migrants.”

Benefits from her experiences included a developing love for literature and art, a multicultural perspective on life and empathy for those considered different.

Other topics planned for the podcast include dealing with casual racism and the many different ways women experience discrimination, to “plain old gossip”.

Little Fish in the Big Sea is broadcast every second Wednesday at 4pm on OAR 105.4FM and 1575AM. Podcasts are available from, Spotify, Google podcasts and Apple podcasts.