Search On For Specialist Music Shows

Otago Access Radio is welcoming anyone with a love of music to share their enthusiasm with the station’s listeners.

Specialist music shows carried by the community access station range from folk and roots music to baroque opera and Swedish metal, providing for a range of tastes outside the mainstream. Volunteer broadcasters create programmes that reflect their own knowledge, interests and collections.

Station manager Lesley Paris said jazz and rock genres were well represented in OAR’s current schedule but the station was keen to broaden its base of specialist shows.

“Up until recently we had an excellent programme focusing on women writers and performers – it would be great to find a show that explored that further. And I feel sure that there are fans of blues and classical music who could create really entertaining and informative shows.

“You don’t have to be an expert. You just have to enjoy sharing the music you love, and put some time and energy into developing a great show.”

Douglas MacMillan, host of Celtic World (Sundays at 2pm), said his programme was designed to promote the dissemination of Celtic cultures through music “at times framed in a historical, linguistic, social or political context”.

“Whether through nature or nurture, Celtic music speaks to my soul, at once calling me to distant shores and, wherever I am, grounding me in a place that feels like home. I’m really grateful that Otago Access Radio is here to provide an opportunity for amateur broadcasters like myself to create programming.”

Rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll aficionado Warren Voight, host of 360 Degrees ’Round Wazrock (Saturdays at 3pm), said his passion was for uncovering the influences on well-known acts such as the Beatles.

“Over the last six years with my show, I’ve been enthusiastic to have free licence to express my take on the history of popular music, and to feature my favourite artists and songs.

“I’m looking forward to future series on glam-rock greats and Kiwi artists.”

Otago Access Radio broadcasts on 105.4FM and 1575AM, and online at If you would like to find out more about making your own radio show, please call the station on 471 6161 or email