Radio Tailored to Listener Needs

Dunedin Public Libraries has been working with OAR FM Dunedin on a project to tailor a new radio show in response to a community survey conducted in early 2020.

Survey respondents voted highly for a programme that included interesting interviews, a range of music, history, and readings.

New show Recollections Radio reflects this wish list, and acknowledges that for many listeners who spend their days at home or in aged-care facilities, the radio is welcome company.

Presenters Jill Bowie and Kay Mercer are the team behind Dunedin Public Libraries’ Scattered Seeds digital archive, which hosts the collected memories, mementos and stories of people who have landed here, taken root and come to call Dunedin home.

Ms Bowie said that she and her radio co-host see themselves as a couple of friends to spend Monday morning-tea time with.

“We want to collect listeners’ stories, also. The most exciting thing about Scattered Seeds is that some of the stories are amazing, and we know there are more hiding out there to be shared.”

The programme is supported by funding from the New Zealand Libraries Partnership Project, which supports library services to be retained and assists libraries to support community recovery.

Recollections Radio airs every Monday from 11am to 12pm on OAR 105.4FM and 1575AM. Podcasts are available from, Google podcasts and Apple podcasts.

Photo: Telling Stories: Kay Mercer and Jill Bowie are hosts of OAR FM show Recollections Radio.