Radio Show Shares Pakistan Culture

A group of like-minded Pakistanis with a belief in the power of giving back to the community have launched a new programme and podcast on OAR FM.

Dunedin Pakistan Society hosts Salam Pakistan, an hour of conversation and music.

The Society was formed in May this year with a mission to foster collective resilience between the New Zealand and Pakistan communities by promoting social and community services.

Salam Pakistan host Dr Ayesha Qureshi said the radio show and podcast was a unique opportunity for the Pakistan diaspora in Dunedin to share their culture, language, cuisine, music and stories of their settlement in New Zealand.

“It will also be an opportunity to connect with Pakistani professionals, students and migrants from different fields of life, living in different regions of New Zealand.”

Programmes such as Salam Pakistan provided a strong sense of identity and assist with social integration, she said.

“Because such first-nation programmes preserve culture and national origins, it makes it easier for new arrivals to settle, knowing that they’re not all alone, strangers in a new world.”