Radio Show for Climate Action Group

The Dunedin branch of socio-political movement Extinction Rebellion is making its voice heard through a programme and podcast on OAR FM Dunedin.

The Environment Awareness show provides a platform for discussion on issues of climate change, social justice, biodiversity loss and potential ecological collapse.

Programme coordinator and host Jen Olsen said she hoped listeners would be inspired to listen to the conversations and ask themselves what they could do to help avert a climate crisis. Governments and other institutions had “not acted quickly enough” to keep global warming below a level that would maintain life as we know it.

“Unless people know what’s happening, they’re not going to support the actions we think need to happen.

“We’re totally committed to non-violent direct action, because writing petitions and asking nicely has not worked.”

Extinction Rebellion protesters had on three occasions in recent months occupied Dunedin rail tracks with the objective of delaying trains carrying coal from Western Southland to Fonterra’s Clandeboye plant in South Canterbury.

“We fully support the movement to end the use of coal, the biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions in New Zealand.

“It needs to be stopped, so it’s a continuing focus.”

Environment Awareness airs every second Tuesday at 1pm on OAR 105.4FM and 1575AM. Podcasts are available from, Google podcasts and Apple podcasts.