Radio Series on Collective Resilience


Series four of OAR FM programme and podcast Bringing Wellbeing to Life is providing helpful insight into how organisations can help their members to thrive.

Programme coordinator Dr Denise Quinlan is co-founder of the Dunedin-based New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience. Together with fellow founder Dr Lucy Hone, she leads discussion on strategies for navigating some of the biggest obstacles we will all face.

Dr Quinlan said how people are with each other, at work, school or home, shapes their resilience.

“The larger group cultures can support us to thrive or leave us debilitated.

“Collective resilience is the ability of a group or organisation to sustain and support its members through challenging times.”

Drs Quinlan and Hone draw from their own personal and professional experience for the radio show and podcast, and also include conversations with other professionals around the world.

“We’ve seen collective resilience in operation, close-up, and we’ve collected the stories of resilience-builders to share with everyone,” said Dr Quinlan.

    Bringing Wellbeing to Life airs every second Thursday at 1.30pm