Radio Pharmacist Returns

Dunedin pharmacist Peter Barron has returned to radio after a more-than 10-year absence.

Mr Barron presents weekly show The Radio Pharmacist on OAR FM Dunedin, offering plain-language insights into appropriate use of medications, and exploring wider issues of health and wellbeing.

The former Radio Dunedin contributor has expanded the format of his on-air segments, now producing and hosting his own half-hour programme of advice and opinion.

Mr Barron says his aim is to encourage better health outcomes, whether medications are prescribed, self-prescribed or bought over the counter.

“One of the more worrying trends is that about 70 percent of people (prescribed) regular medication either don’t take it at all or only take it occasionally.

“Why this is happening is one of the things we’ll talk about on the radio show.”

Listeners and visitors to Mr Barron’s workplace, Waverley Pharmacy, are welcome to anonymously suggest other topics for discussion. The Radio Pharmacist Facebook page is another way to get in touch, and a website is currently under development.

“When I talk with people, rather than to them, I hand the power back to them.

“I like to give people an explanation as ask, what do you understand about it? It puts them back in control of what’s going on for them.”

The Radio Pharmacist airs on Tuesdays at 12pm on OAR 105.4FM and 1575AM. Podcasts are available from [HERE], Google podcasts and Apple podcasts.