Online Dunedin Group Now On Air

Popular Facebook group What’s News Dunedin? now has a radio platform for conversations about local issues.

An OAR FM programme of the same name launches tomorrow, hosted by Dunedin man Richard Knights.

Mr Knights started the What’s New Dunedin? online group in 2020. Disillusioned with the levels of “anger and vitriol” on other online forums, he decided to establish an alternative group that held kindness, respect and being factual as requirements of membership.

Within just one week, the group had one thousand members. Earlier this month, that number had risen to more than 12,000.

“People see the group as a safe place to hold their opinions and have conversations,” he said.

“I’ve seen opinions change on the page, and that’s something you don’t often see on Social Media.”

The radio show and podcast would complement the online group, featuring discussion on issues that had sparked the most interest over the preceding week.

Mr Knights would also be interviewing “superstars” from the Dunedin community, people he had come to know of through the online platform.

“We’ll get their take on some of the local stories but also get under the hood of what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

“There are lots of people in this city doing wonderful things. Let’s keep pushing for change and make it even better.”