Neoliberalism Explained on OAR FM

Photo: Testing the Market: Libby Flett hosts Noticing Neoliberalism on OAR FM Dunedin.

The impacts of market-oriented reform policies are under the microscope in a new programme and podcast on OAR FM.

For Libby Flett (20), a student of philosophy, politics and economics at University of Otago, the term “neoliberalism” meant very little until her tertiary studies began.

Comparing and contrasting her University experiences with those of her father, Libby was shocked by the scale of transformation driven by market forces.

Encouraged by her peers at local youth leadership programme Mana Rangatahi, Libby decided to launch her radio show Noticing Neoliberalism as a way of demystifying the ideology that has been driving political and economic policy since the 1980s.

In coming weeks, Libby will explore in plain language how neoliberalism has shaped the world and will ponder its intended and unintended consequences.

Noticing Neoliberalism airs fortnightly Fridays at 4pm.