Inspiring Stories of Brain Injury Recovery

A brain injury occurs every 15 minutes in New Zealand, through trauma or through medical events such as stroke, aneurysm and infection.

The Brain Injury Association (BIA) is the only independent community-based organisation available to support individuals and families on the road to recovery, listening to the needs and concerns of those affected by brain injury and their larger support network.

New OAR FM radio show and podcast Brain Waves, presented by BIA Otago manager Jane Butterfield, is offering inspiration and information in equal measure.

The programme features first-hand accounts of people in recovery from brain injury.

Ms Butterfield said Brain Waves added to BIA’s library of existing client stories, some of which had been recorded in written form.

“We feel that sharing these stories helps other people understand the journey that someone with a brain injury is going through.”

A brain injury may affect a person physically and emotionally, as well as impacting cognition, memory, sensory perception, personality and the ability to communicate. 

 “The thing that all these stories have in common is that they are inspiring.

“You meet people who don’t let anything hold them back. That can make you feel pretty positive about life.”