Femme Fatale Returns

Music from women artists and producers features in a programme returning to the airwaves after a five-year absence.

Femme Fatale is hosted by Inge Andrew, a lifelong fan of music by women working in the pop and folk realms.

Ms Andrew released her own folk-pop album Coyote Fun in 2016, and while performing has taken a backseat in recent times due to work and study commitments, her return to the microphone at OAR FM Dunedin has refreshed her interest in new artists and releases.

“One of the things I really missed in the time that Femme Fatale was off the air was being on the lookout for music I might not normally listen to, or a genre I might not usually explore.

“Hearing about new artists and producers making their way in the world is really inspiring.”

Personal favourites from the likes of international artists Laura Marling, Neko Case and Rickie Lee Jones mix with fresh releases from Jesca Hoop, Reb Fountain and Nadia Reid. Some episodes are themed, including a recent programme dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Femme Fatale airs every second Wednesday at 5pm on OAR 105.4FM and 1575AM. Podcasts are available from oar.org.nz, Google podcasts and Apple podcasts.