Creatures Featured

A hospital visit is rarely much fun, except perhaps when it offers an opportunity for others to learn about how rare and special you are.

OAR FM’s OARsome Morning Show listeners get a regular update on patient files on Creature Feature, a four-weekly conversation with Wildlife Hospital Dunedin manager Jordana Whyte.

The hospital is a veterinary facility specialising exclusively in the treatment of New Zealand’s native species. Services include receiving sick and injured animals, diagnosis and triage, treatment, hospitalisation and recovery, and working to ensure successful rehabilitation and release back to the native environment.

Each edition of Creature Feature tells the story of one patient’s visit, highlighting the causes of illnesses and injuries and the pathway back to good health.

The radio spot also offers insight into each creature’s natural habitat and unique characteristics, any factors placing stress on the species, and the ways in which people can support recovery of threatened populations.

Up-close-and-personal experiences with rare and endangered species can produce some amusing anecdotes, from escape attempts to loud arguments and other stroppy encounters, so there are usually a few laughs included.