Book Club Inspires Radio Show

Photo: Respectful conversation: Hugh O’Neill hosts The Glass Half Full on OAR FM.


After-dinner conversation at a Dunedin book club has spawned a new radio show and podcast on OAR FM.

The Glass Half Full is a conversation-based hour, with topics ranging from gardening to travel, home schooling and social issues.

Programme host Hugh O’Neill said the show had its origins in a neighbourhood book club, where discussions would go delightfully off topic.

“We spent more time on interesting tangents than on books. Everyone has a story to tell, and sharing these over a glass always makes for good craic, as the Irish say.

“Our idea then was to share that ambience with a wider audience.”

Mr O’Neill said the programme would not shirk from controversy but would always aim to keep the conversation flowing and respectful.

“We won’t be taking ourselves too seriously, either. Laughter and joy are happily contagious. There is no doubt that the times are a-changin’ but we shall try and get to the heart of the matter, look for solutions, offer support.”

    The Glass Half Full airs every Sunday at 8pm