Dracula: A Radio Play

31st October 2021 @ 9 pm

Dracula: A Radio Play. The script has been adapted by Emer Lyons from the 1927 revision by John L. Balderston of Dracula: A Vampire Play in Three Parts. The original script was written by Hamilton Deane in 1924 and was the first authorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula.

The voices are as follows:
Gabby Golding is Doctor Seward
Liz Breslin is Abraham Van Helsing
Sofie Welveart is Lucy Westenra
Rosie Collier is Jonathan Harker
Kimberley Buchan is Count Dracula
Emer Lyons is Renfield
Gretel Newman-Sugrue is Butterworth and Miss Wells (the Maid)

This production is a collaboration between The Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies, Suitcase Theatre and Otago Access Radio.

Sound design & editing by Dylan Shields
Music is by Dylan Shields & Alex Campbell-Hunt