Dick of the Bay

An original story written by Stephen James Bourne, recorded at his Nurses Bend Studios, Doctors Point Road, Waitati, South Island, New Zealand using a massive and spectacular cast of local available characters and sounds.

Vehicular U-Turns are potentially very dangerous manoeuvers. They are a common occurrence for many New Zealand motorists. In the case of my story, it was one such turn that led to unforeseeable consequences.

An off-duty head of supermarket security finds himself in a small community shaken by a recent tragic death and unwanted intrusion. Compelled through his natural desire for justice and moral duty and an attractive woman, his unearthing of the truth would require a far deeper excavation than he expects for many centuries of historic events to be unearthed.

Thanks to Exisle Publishing for their support

Dick: Stephen James Bourne (SJB)
Dee: Sue Bourne
Sally: Jenny Gleeson (Gallery owner)
Thomas: Gareth St John Thomas (Young Policemen)
Jack: (Senior Police Officer) (SJB)
Serious Crimes Inspector: Sue Bourne
Male Gang Members: (SJB)
Female Gang Member: Jennifer (Glasnost) Gleeson
Village Librarian: Jennifer Gleeson
City Librarian: Sue Bourne
Joshua Block: (SJB)
Bud (the Dog): a variety of local barking dogs.

Theme music: Written, created and recorded by Stephen James Bourne
Background (radio music): Written, created and recorded by Charles Barrington