Creature Feature

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The Wildlife Hospital, Dunedin treats sick and injured native New Zealand species right here in the heart of Aotearoa’s wildlife capital. Their expert veterinary team patches up more than 500 patients every year, returning the majority of them back to the wild where they belong.
On Creature Feature, we shine a spotlight on one of the Wildlife Hospital, Dunedin’s extra special guests.
You can learn more about the Hospital, including ways to support this charitable trust, at, or follow their Facebook page for more fabulous creature content.
Kaki - Black Stilt
Bravo the Kakapo
Freda the Takahe
Eggnog the Rowi Kiwi
Manawa the Jewelled Gecko
Brutus the Tuatara
Rotoroa the Kea
Southern Dotterel
Gerald the Northern Giant Petrel
NZ Sea Lion
Corstorphine the Kererū
Australasian Gannet
Red-billed Gull
Dani the Little Blue Penguin
White-fronted tern