OAR FM is passionate about people of all backgrounds to be heard and connected. We provide a unique opportunity for Dunedin-based ethnic groups and individuals to share their language, music and culture with Dunedin listeners by making their own radio shows and podcasts.

Listeners can tune in on 105.4FM and 1575AM. All of the Connecting Cultures programmes are also available online, as a live stream, and podcast from oar.org.nz, accessmedia.nz, and also your favourite podcast platforms!

This means Dunedin broadcasters can also connect with communities in New Zealand, and with friends, family and other listeners around the world!

Get in touch with Arina, the Station’s Community Connector at arina@oar.org.nz for more information!

Hosted by OAR FM’s Community Connector Arina Aizal every Friday noon. Connecting Cultures Features is a show by, for and about the beautiful and diverse multicultural people of Dunedin and New Zealand.

Connecting Cultures Shows


Fono Faufautua a Samoa i Otago Leitio (Samoan)
Faatalofa atu ile ‘au faafofoga, ole tautua lenei ale Fonofaufautua a Samoa i otago. O mea o tutupu i o tatou laufanua faapea o tatou nuu tuaoi i aso Gafua ta’itasi. Faafetai.

The Lave Mai Show (Tongan/English)
A platform that brings together Tongan students and other youth, to discuss and express their thoughts on issues they face, that may not be appropriate to discuss in their cultural settings.

Headscarves and Good Yarns
Headscarves and Good Yarns is all about celebrating the differences we have in our community. Even though we all look, think and speak differently to each other we all call Aotearoa our home so tune in and find hear the stories of many different kiwis.

Arasan FM (Tamil)
Arasan FM brings you news and current events in Dunedin, Otago region and wider New Zealand. This will focus on current affairs, interviews and news for a cohesive and united Tamil communities in the Otago Region.

Namasthe Telugu (Telugu)
Telugu is one of the sweetest languages spoken in the southern part of India – known as the Italian of the East due to its melodic nature. Listen to Telugu songs that are rich in music and meaning, and hear more about this beautiful place, on Namasthe Telugu with Sasi Bhushan.


The Arinality
A radio show and podcast by Arina Aizal, on stories of women with international backgrounds on their cultural identities, belonging, wellbeing and passions in Aotearoa.

More than 90 different ethnic groups are represented in Dunedin, and Dunedin Multi Ethnic Council exists to ensure we all have the same rights and responsibilities.

Hamro Awaz (Nepalese)
Our Voice – Govinda, Ashik and Gagan bring you music, discussion and information in Nepalese. Created by the Dunedin Nepalese Society.

Vanakkam Tamizha (Tamil)
Vanakkam Tamizha celebrates the richness of Tamil language and culture, and uniting Tamil communities in Dunedin and wider Otago region.

Buddhist Radio (Cantonese)
Buddhist teaching and history, with great advice for novice or experienced meditators.

K-Talk (English/Korean)
Join the K-Talk team and special guests for a celebration of Korean culture and music.

Say Mê Việt Nam – Passionate Vietnam (Vietnamese)
Celebrating the culture and uniqueness of Vietnam through music, stories and language.



Buddhist Radio (Mandarin)
Buddhist teaching and history, with great advice for novice or experienced meditators.

Resettling in Aotearoa with Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

Anna and the team from CAB bring you helpful information and advice of particular interest to anyone resettling in Ōtepoti | Dunedin.

Sathsara Rawa
Join the host Suranga Dassanayake as he explores Sri Lankan culture through Sinhala Songs in the decades of 70-90 and 2000 the golden era of Sri Lankan Sinhala songs.


Buddhist Radio (English)
Buddhist teaching and history, with great advice for novice or experienced meditators.

Enrich with Richa (Hindi)
Richa Berde takes you on an enriching journey of connecting Hindi speaking communities of Aotearoa and anyone who is interested in learning Hindi.


Muslim Chaplaincy Conversation (English/Arabic)
The Muslim Chaplaincy Conversation is produced by the Otago Muslim Chaplaincy Committee and features talks on Islam and interviews with local Muslims.

Dunedin Chinese Culture Show (Mandarin/English)
The Dunedin Senior Chinese Association shares their experience living in Dunedin as seniors, and what they know about Chinese culture.

Connecting Cultures Features (Multilanguage)
By, for and about the beautiful and diverse multicultural people of Dunedin and New Zealand.

Lupe Sina (Samoan)
Information, support and entertainment for tina and tamaitai Samoa every week. Hosted by Christine Anesone and Erolia Rooney.

Lupe Fetala’i (Samoan)
Two hours of Samoan music, events and conversation, co-hosted by John and Christine from Lupe Fa’alele a Samoa I Otago. Thanks to Va’a o Tautai.


Noqu Viti lailai e Ōtepoti (Fijian)
What matters to us Fijian? Culture, religion, politics, study, immigration, language. This show is a platform where we talked and discuss about all these different issues that matter to us.

For information about making your own radio show/podcast,
contact: Lesley Paris OAR FM Manager manager@oar.org.nz Ph 471 6161