Off Topic on Youth Zone

Fridays @ 4PM

Pippa Trotman and Ashane De Silva brings you news and information about pop culture, lifestyle, music, student life, books, creative projects, exciting things happening in the youth culture of Dunedin and more!

Live Laugh Law with Lauren

Fortnightly Fridays @ 4pm

Funny stories and interesting cases Lauren learnt at University. What to expect for those considering law school, university life in general, and relatable entertainment for those attending law school.

Little Fish in the Big Sea on Youth Zone

Fortnightly Wednesdays @ 4pm

Anaya Mundamattam navigates through a wide range of topics, from dealing with casual racism and intersectional feminism to plain old gossip. Little Fish in the Big Sea is about shining light on the little voices that are lost in all the commotion.

Click here for the Little Fish in the Big Sea Tapemix.