Widows of Shuhada

Wednesdays @ 10am
Replayed Sunday @ 10am
Eight-Part Series

From Plains FM in Christchurch

On March 15 2019, dozens of women hovered in the female section of Christchurch’s Al-Noor Mosque, as their time of worship became a time of terror which shocked the nation to its core.

Widows of Shuhada is an 8-part podcast documentary series featuring four of the women left widowed by the attacks on worshippers at the Al-Noor and Linwood mosques, which claimed 51 lives.

We meet a diverse group of women – Farah Talal, Sanjida Jaman Neha, Muhubo Ali Jama and Hamimah Tuyan — six months after the deaths of their husbands. We follow the women as they move houses, try to explain to their children what happened, return to the place of their husbands’ deaths and come together as widows to share their burden of collective loss.

Produced by Plains FM for RNZ and made possible by the RNZ/NZ on AIR Innovation Fund, these women share their intimate thoughts on forgiveness, gender and Islam, and their lives in the aftermath of the massacre – some of which may be surprising. They also discuss the New Zealand Government and wider public’s response to the attacks.

The Final Curtain

Thursdays @ 9pm

The Final Curtain – ordinary New Zealanders telling their stories about death.
Join Shirley Welsh, host of Death Café Dunedin, where people meet to drink tea, eat cake and discuss death.
In this programme, we break the taboo around talking about death and hear first-hand from New Zealanders about their experiences, and their perspectives.
At Death Café Dunedin, the conversation continues. You can join that conversation by listening to other New Zealanders tell their stories about death and, if you want to, by sharing yours.

Look for Death Café Dunedin on Facebook for updates and meeting times.


It’s the ‘other’ virus – the virus of fake news. Out of control social media, disinformation and conspiracy theories that are damaging our society.

How vulnerable are you?

Go inside the war on truth with investigative reporter Stephen Davis.

A Glimpse of Galverstone

Welcome to a Glimpse of Galverstone, a series looking into 24 hours into the lives of ordinary Kiwis, living extraordinary lives, in Galverstone.

Galverstone, a wee cracker of a town, tucked away under the shadow of the Mighty Ruapehu Mountain. This is Ngati Rangi land, hosting some of the most rugged townships in the North Island.

Writer – Winning words from the University of Otago’s inaugural creative writing competition

Winning words from the University of Otago’s creative writing competition

Thursday 10th December @ 10pm
Replayed Sunday 13th @ 8pm

In 2020, the University of Otago held a creative writing competition.

With four categories – student poetry, student fiction, staff poetry and staff fiction – it was an opportunity for keen writers across all of the University’s campuses to have a go.

In keeping with the disconnect of lockdown, the writing prompt was “Only connect”.

In these podcasts, the competition winners present their work.

Student Prose
Hugh James for The ledge is narrow…

Student Poetry
Hayley Vuleta for We the Rabbits Have Teeth

Staff Prose
Dr David Jenkins for Slow Down Please

Staff Poetry
Dr Susan Wardell for Southern // Cross

Basement Writers

Saturdays @ 12:30pm
Replayed Mondays @ 2pm

Basement Writers share their original stories and poems.

Writers who started their journey with a 12-week Literacy Aotearoa writing class emerge from their basement classroom to share new works with you and the world.

Startup Dunedin Podcast

Startup Dunedin Podcast

Every Second Thursday @ 9pm

Angus Pauley interviews Dunedin based founders and experts in particular fields as they discuss the tools, tips, tricks and habits that have helped make them successful.

Sometimes that means sharing their success stories, sometimes that means sharing their failures, but either way we have some interesting conversations for entrepreneurs.

Visit startupdunedin.nz for more information.

I Learn to Write By Writing

March 29th @ 10am
Replayed  Saturday March 30th @ 1:30pm

On Wednesday March 29th at 10am, and Saturday 30th at 1:30pm, Dr Elaine Webster, Director of Summer School and Continuing Education at the University of Otago, brings together participants in two Continuing Education creative writing courses to share their work.

Dark Dunedin

When a young woman’s body is discovered in the Dunedin Town Belt, Louise Hepburn is haunted by both the case and her past. From Ōtepoti, the Edinburgh of the south, Prospect Park Productions NZ presents the multi-award-winning thriller, Dark Dunedin.

All episodes written and directed by Emily Duncan
Producer: H-J Kilkelly
Technician: Dominic Angelo-Laloli
Music: Mārama Grant and Eliza Pickard
Artwork: Jess Newton

Dark Dunedin was produced with support from Otago Access Radio, Creative NZ, Creative Communities (Dunedin), the Dunedin Fringe Festival 2018, New Athenaeum Theatre, Olveston Historic Home, Archive Birds NZ, and Dunedin UNESCO City of Literature.

Season One: Heaven Looks On
When a young woman’s body is discovered in the Dunedin Town Belt, Louise Hepburn is haunted by both the case and her past.

Season Two: Playing with Purgatory
(April 2021)
In the second season of Dark Dunedin, Louise Hepburn must find new ways to navigate the town where everyone knows her family business.

Season Three: Breathing Hell
(May 2021)
In the final season of Dark Dunedin, Louise Hepburn must fight for her life like never before.

She wakes up in hospital, lucky to be alive but unsure who she can trust, until new hope and a ticket to escape arrives in the form of someone returning from her past. That is, until, Louise’s escape plan takes a deep dive and nothing short of a miracle will save her.