This is Science: Expedition 378

Tuesdays @ 5pm (Five Episodes)

Join Dr Claire Concannon for stories about what it is like to do science on the JOIDES Resolution, a scientific seabed drilling research ship. Focusing on Expedition 378, which investigated paleoclimate with the hope to discovering answers of what is in store for us in a warming world.

Environment Awareness

Every Second Tuesday @ 1pm
Replayed the following Saturday @ 11am

It’s time to prioritise the protection of the Earth, our only home.

Extinction Rebellion presents Ōtepoti Dunedin’s Environment Awareness Show.

We are a collaboration of many local groups preparing for what is sure to be a difficult future.

Join us in learning about the climate crisis and mass extinction.

You can get in touch with the Extinction Rebellion team at

Charging Ahead

New Series Available from 21st December
On Air from 12:30 Mon 21st, Tues 22nd, Wed 23rd, Thurs 24th.

Have you ever wondered whether an electric vehicle could work for you?  Find out all you need to know and more about the world of electric vehicles, by tuning in to Charging Ahead: our series of EV Mythbusting informational shows and podcasts.

Science Academy Podcasts

Get the inside scoop from students of the University of Otago’s 2021 Science Academy.

Students from isolated or under-served communities from around the country have come to Dunedin for an intensive week submerged in the world of science.

Listen in as they share their experiences.

Navigators of the South
Makeleta Alofaki

It is written in history that the greatest explorers of the world were founded on conquest and fuelled by bravery, with stories like the Vikings sailing off to discover new lands.

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Mary Martin

In this episode of the Science Academy Podcast, we will be exploring the ways that animals and plants respond to changes in their environments.

The Stupendous Scale of Entirely Everything!
Daniel McAteer

I was recently thinking about the size of the earth and how big it is compared to us, and how it is so small compared to the sun, and how the sun is so small compared to the universe. In this podcast I will take you on a journey to give you a sense of scale, so that you can understand where you fit in.

How Radiation Could Save Your Life
Alena Johnston

Quite often when people think of radiation, they think explosions and it being harmful but radiation is often used in medicine for things that can save your life. I will be talking about these things in my podcast.

H2 Oh No!
Jordan Mauu

A majority of the world’s population use fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal and natural gases to generate energy. This podcast aims to describe the chemical processes of converting fuel to energy and we will explore the environmental impact.

The Adolescent Mind
Shayla Traynor

Today I will be defining the undefinable, explaining the inexplicable and clarifying the unclear that is the adolescent mind. Tune in as I explain the adolescent mind through science.

Are You Positive?
Marc Dorotan

In this episode of the Science Academy Podcast, we will go beyond the atom to learn how they were discovered and what they are made of. Think like a proton and always be positive!

Wild Dunedin Podcast

Tuesdays @ 5pm
Replayed Saturday 9am and Sunday 6pm

Not your usual nature chat, series 2 of Wild Dunedin Podcast delves into sharky waters and wild forest orgies, tries to figure if your cat has played you, asks if ancient New Zealand got dunked or if the days of doing bombs into the local river are done with. And we definitely, absolutely, resolutely will not put in a sneaky episode about climate change (that you actually could enjoy).

In an exciting collaboration with Dunedin musician Molly Devine, all episodes this year will have bespoke, original music created specifically to give you the feels on that story as we tell it.

Don’t miss a single one! Subscribe now on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts (Wild Dunedin Podcast). Or download from the Wild Dunedin website or 

This podcast is supported by the Otago Regional Council Eco-Fund, the Wild Dunedin Festival of Nature and Otago Museum (thanks!) All episodes are dreamed up, recorded and produced by the hard work and dedication of Dr Claire Concannon, Science Outreach Projects Coordinator at Otago Museum, Jamie McAulay, conservation biologist with the Department of Conservation, and Taylor Davies-Colley, botany student and nature frother in the extreme.

Southern Health Future

Every 4th Wednesday @ 9:15am

Every fourth Wednesday on the OARsome Morning Show, Southern Health Future presents updates from the Southern District Health Board and the Community Health Council.

Tune in as Jeff chats with DHB staff and your representatives in the community about the latest news and opportunities for you to have your say on health matters that affect you and your family.

Sustainable Lens

Thursdays @ 7pm

Each week Shane Gallagher and Samuel Mann take a sustainable perspective on current topics in the world around us. Regular features aimed at drawing out connections lead into an extended discussion with invited guests.

We are building up a searchable archive of conversations with people from many different fields who are applying their skills to a sustainable future. In our conversations we try to find out what motivates them and what it means to see the world through a sustainable perspective, through their sustainable lens.

Supported by Otago Polytechnic –

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