Climate Change – Striking A Balance

Friday 15th October @ 12pm
Replayed Wednesday 21st Oct @ 5pm
Friday 23rd Oct @ 12pm

In this podcast Claire, Jeremy, Casey and Grace talk about their current exhibtion at Otago Museum. This student created exhibtion covers a wide aspect of climate issues from experiences with Schools Strike for Climate, to the impacts of Climate Inequality. Check it out at The Beautiful Science Gallery on the second floor of Otago Museum from 3rd Oct to 1st Nov, and reappering from 16th Nov to 4th Dec 2020.

The Radio Pharmacist

Tuesdays @ 12pm

The Radio Pharmacist – sharing tips and practical advice on the management of a range of healthcare matters, every Tuesday at noon on OAR FM Dunedin.

Take the time with Peter Barron to explore some of the bigger issues around health and wellbeing, in simple easy language we can all understand.

Proudly sponsored by Waverley Pharmacy.

Creature Feature

The Wildlife Hospital, Dunedin treats sick and injured native New Zealand species right here in the heart of Aotearoa’s wildlife capital. Their expert veterinary team patches up more than 500 patients every year, returning the majority of them back to the wild where they belong.
On Creature Feature, we shine a spotlight on one of the Wildlife Hospital, Dunedin’s extra special guests.
You can learn more about the Hospital, including ways to support this charitable trust, at, or follow their Facebook page for more fabulous creature content.

Episode One

Our first guest is a kakī/black stilt. They are one of the fussiest patients and definitely the meep-iest.

Bravo the Kakapo

Episode Two

Bravo the kākāpō is a repeat offender. His species is one of New Zealand’s rarest and most charismatic.

15 Minutes Smarter

New MacDiarmid Institute podcast – 15 Minutes Smarter – asks the big important questions in materials science – What has materials science ever done for the sport of skateboarding? What makes for a good looking material model? What does being smart mean? And is solar power really renewable if the sun is going to run out of hydrogen in 5 billion years?

The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology is a network of leading researchers united in a common goal: to create and explore innovative, sustainable materials that will improve the lives of people in Aotearoa and around the world.

Find out more at  Join Jono and Claire for an irreverent but insightful look at the past, present and future for materials science. What else are you going to do with those 15 minutes?

Blowing Bubbles

Weekedays @ 3pm

Blowing Bubbles brings you positive conversations with people in their bubbles around the world.   How are people living their bubble lives, working from home, keeping kids entertained, staying connected and  getting exercise?  And how are these things presenting us with opportunities to find new ways of living?

Every weekday the Sustainable Lens team of Samuel Mann, Shane Montague-Gallagher and Mawera Karetai reach out from their bubbles to chat with interesting and positive people around the world.  

Bringing connection, joy, kindness and peace in the days ahead.

Made with support from Otago Polytechnic 

This is Science: Expedition 378

Tuesdays @ 5pm (Five Episodes)

Join Dr Claire Concannon for stories about what it is like to do science on the JOIDES Resolution, a scientific seabed drilling research ship. Focusing on Expedition 378, which investigated paleoclimate with the hope to discovering answers of what is in store for us in a warming world.

Environment Awareness

Thursdays @ 9:30am
Replayed Saturdays @ 2pm and Mondays @ 3pm

It’s time to prioritise the protection of the Earth, our only home.

Extinction Rebellion presents Ōtepoti Dunedin’s Environment Awareness Show.

We are a collaboration of many local groups preparing for what is sure to be a difficult future.

Join us in learning about the climate crisis and mass extinction.

You can get in touch with the Extinction Rebellion team at

Charge Up Dunedin

Friday 19th July @ 5pm

Have you ever wondered whether an electric vehicle could work for you?  Find out all you need to know and more about the world of electric vehicles, by tuning in to Charge Up Dunedin: our series of EV Mythbusting informational shows and podcasts brought to you by the Dunedin EV Group.