CCT Collective – The Hits from the Fitz

Every Second Friday @ 10am

Every second Friday from 10am, Steve Marshall (Community Facilitator from CCT) and a revolving cast from the CCT Fitzroy Hub bring you a selection of hits from their personal collections that span their various ages and musical tastes!

What The Dickens

Saturday Nights @ 10pm

Saturday nights at 10 we push the volume knob to 11 and rejoice in an hour of the finest hard-rock sounds.

Bands from here, there, and everywhere . . . but especially here, with your host Pottley Mostly.

Femme Fatale

Every Second Wednesday @ 5pm

Want to hear more from your favourite female singers and songwriters?

Listen to Femme Fatale on Wednesdays evenings at 5 on OAR FM.

Music from the likes of the 80s goddess Sharon O’Neill to the contemporary sounds of Grimes.

Music by women. Why wouldn’t you?

Not Given Lightly – Five Seriously Great NZ Tracks

For New Zealand Music Month 2020, OAR FM asked some of Dunedin’s most-loved musicians to nominate and share five favourite NZ tracks.

They were free to interpret the “five favourites” brief in any way they wished.

In ‘Not Given Lightly’ we get to enjoy their selections.

01 – Robert Scott

Robert Scott is a founding member of indie rock bands The Clean and The Bats and has also released solo albums in several genres, including alternative rock, experimental instrumentals, and traditional folk music.

02 – Molly Devine

Last year, Dunedin-based Molly Devine released her EP, Rain in the River. With a Master’s Degree in Music from Otago University, Molly has an impressive resume of playing for the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra, singing alongside New Zealand music legends Martin Phillips, Shayne Carter, Nadia Reid and Anthonie Tonnon.

03 – Martin Phillipps

Martin Phillipps is the legendary leader of the seminal New Zealand band the Chills.

04 – Hiliako Iaheto

Dunedin musician and teacher Hiliako Iaheto (Koile, Inati) is a central figure in the promotion of Pasifika culture and music in the lower South.

05 – John Egenes

Dr John Egenes is an author, multi-instrumentalist session musician for countless artists, producer, songwriter, all around likeable guy.

06 – Oscar Mein

Oscar Mein fronts Dunedin-based sludge-pop band Soaked Oats.

07 – Inge Andrew

Dunedin singer-songwriter Inge Andrew shared her traditional kind of folk-based storytelling on her impressive 2016 debut album Coyote Fun.

 08 – Rachel Bailey

Dunedin-based Rachel Bailey is an extraordinary singer and songwriter, and founding member of The Broken Heartbreakers.

 09 – Jeff Harford

Jeff Harford is part of the OAR FM team and host of the OARsome Morning Show. Currently drummer in Die Musikband, Jeff has been part of the Dunedin music scene for more than 40 years, starting with high school band Bored Games.

10 – Francisca Griffin

Port Chalmers musician Francisca Griffin rose to prominence in 1980s pop/rock band Look Blue Go Purple and has gone on to record and perform as a solo artist, and with Francisca Griffin & The Bus Shelter Boys.

11 – Marcel Rodeka

At age 19, Marcel Rodeka joined in the formation of international touring and recording act Mother Goose. He has been a professional working drummer and educator ever since.

12 – John Dodd

Bassman and educator John Dodd is an integral part of the Dunedin music scene, whether as the go-to session man or as rhythm-section lynchpin of countless acts.

Youth Zone Mobilised

OAR FM Dunedin is the place to hear young local musicians.

From now through until the end of June, OAR FM Dunedin will be featuring a new young artist every week on Youth Zone Mobilised.

Tune in on Mondays at 5pm to hear this week’s session, recorded right here at OAR FM, and hear from the young writers and and performers themselves.

Video and podcasts from each session are available from the Youth Zone App and the website

Huge thanks to DCC Creative Communities for making Youth Zone Mobilised possible.