Bennettini Selects

Tuesdays @ 1pm

Eclectic Sounds from Afar and Underground

Great music from across the genres, across the decades and across the globe. Explore the backstories of the tracks and artists as we follow the strands that connect them.

This show is supported by Moyles FreshChoice in Green Island.

Classical Hour with Mac

Mac Gardner has been fond of classical music since early childhood, and he has quite a collection. Every fortnight, he presents an eclectic hour of his favourites, from classical composers of the 17th-19th centuries to the occasional contemporary work.

A Sonic Youth

Saturdays @ 1:30PM

A love for indie rock as expressed by a 17-year-old Kiwi, Oliver Grey who grew up in a household surrounded by the greatest 70s, 80s, 90s and newer alt and indie rock. Each episode explores a classic indie rock album, new releases and essentials.

From Free FM in Hamilton

CCT Collective – The Hits from the Fitz

Every Second Wednesday @ 11am

Every second Wednesday from 11am, Steve Marshall (Community Facilitator from CCT) and a revolving cast from the CCT Fitzroy Hub bring you a selection of hits from their personal collections that span their various ages and musical tastes!

Femme Fatale

Every Second Wednesday @ 5pm

Want to hear more from your favourite female singers and songwriters?

Listen to Femme Fatale on Wednesdays evenings at 5 on OAR FM.

Music from the likes of the 80s goddess Sharon O’Neill to the contemporary sounds of Grimes.

Music by women. Why wouldn’t you?