NZ Arabic

Thursdays @ 7 PM

اكتشف نبضات الجالية العربية في نيوزيلندا مع برنامج إذاعي وبودكاست يقدمه الصحفي أمجد السعد على OAR FM

استمتع كل يوم خميس في الساعة 7 مساء لثراء الموسيقى العربية وتحديثات الأخبار السريعة والمناقشات المتعمقة حول مواضيع متنوعة كل أسبوع ، والتي تضم ضيوفا خبراء في مجالات علمية وفنية وسياسية

برنامج NZ بالعربي من خلاله نلتقي لنرتقي

البودكاست متوفرة على ، وتطبيق سبوتيفي

Discover the heartbeat of the Arab community in New Zealand with journalist Amjed Al-Saad. Richness of Arabic music, quick news updates to in-depth discussions of diverse topics each week, featuring expert guests. In ‘NZ Arabic’, we meet to rise together. Podcasts available on, Apple Podcasts and later on Spotify.

Glimpses of Gold

Curious about her own cultural past, Celia embarks on a journey to learn more about what life was like for early Chinese settlers in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Glimpses of Gold” takes a look at Otago’s early Chinese gold-mining community. In this episode, Celia talks to Dr Charlotte King about what bioarchaeological science has uncovered about the lives of early Chinese gold-miners, and to Mr Leslie Wong about Chinese beliefs on the after-life.

This episode was written and produced by Celia Lie, a postgraduate Science Communication student at the University of Otago, under the guidance of Professor Nancy Longnecker, with technical support from Teaching Fellow Steve Ting. 

For more information about the Southern Cemeteries Archaeology Project, visit

Celia is a Chinese New Zealander, resident of Ōtepoti Dunedin, and mum of two human children and one dog. She enjoys running and biking, and hates writing bios. This is her first foray into the wonderful world of podcasting. “Glimpses of Gold” was created as part of an assignment for a postgraduate paper in the Department of Science Communication at the University of Otago.

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Cover Image: Artwork by Celia Lie

Voice of Aroha

Fortnightly Sunday @ 10pm 

Voice of Aroha is an inclusive platform representing the voices of a variety of communities and their perspectives on many topics. This programme is run by a diverse group of former refugees in Wellington, with support from the local community.

From Wellington Access Radio


Mondays @ 7pm

Want to increase your knowledge of te ao Māori (the Māori world)?

With a mixture of Māori and English, the Taringa podcast is the perfect way to learn te reo and tikanga Māori in a fun and relaxed way. Taringa is brought to you by Te Wānanga o Aotearoa.

Te Wānanga o Aotearoa is one of New Zealand’s largest tertiary education providers.

ARASAN FM – அரசன் FM Otago

Mondays @ 7pm

Arasan FM brings you news and current events in Dunedin, Otago region and wider New Zealand. This will focus on current affairs, interviews and news for a cohesive and united Tamil communities in the Otago Region.

Tune in every Monday at 7pm on OAR 105.4 FM for Tamil community bulletins, stories and current affairs amongst others, brought to you by your Arasan New Zealand team with various segments with exciting and entertaining content.

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