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The podcast where we talk about anything and everything under the rainbow.

From art and theatre, to queer stories, gender expression and pop culture – The Rainbow Umbrella is a safe and welcoming space where curiosity is encouraged and nothing is off limits.

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New Zealand Young Writers Festival

The New Zealand Young Writers Festival celebrates playwrights and poets; comedians and historians; critics and consciences; the only national festival by, for and about young writers, held right here in Ōtepoti Dunedin.

This live recorded podcast of the New Zealand Young Writers Festival was brought to you by Otago Access Radio and supported by Dunedin UNESCO City of Literature.

The One Work That Defines You

A play, a song, a joke, a story – there’s always one work that comes to mind when you think of a writer. We join playwright Sam Brooks, comedians Abby Howells and Janaye Henry, and poet Claudia Jardine as they chat about what it means – and how it feels – to have an audience come back to a single piece of work that may be long in a writer’s rearview mirror.

Prescriptions and Prose: where medicine and creativity meet

Ōtepoti is Aotearoa’s only UNESCO City of Literature and is home to one of the top medical schools in the country. Is this an unlikely combination, or are there deeper connections between medicine, writing and creativity? We join festival Guest Curator and Rat World founder and editor-in-chief Jennifer Cheuk as she examines this topic with doctor Libby Whittaker and doctors-in-training Olivia Wright and Will Pudney, all of whom are writers. They explore how language and creativity influences medical practice, and what it means to be a creative in the professional world of STEM.

Writing Across Disciplines

What is writing? Who is a writer? Drawing on their interdisciplinary backgrounds, writer and performer Josiah Morgan, poet and musician Isla Huia, comedian Janaye Henry, and playwright and journalist Sam Brooks unpack the multifaceted dimensions of storytelling across genre borders.

Stick It To The Man: the power of street postering

For centuries, street posters have served as a powerful tool for causes of all kinds. This panel discussion explores how the humble poster has ignited social and political movements. Festival Guest Curator and Rat World founder and editor-in-chief Jennifer Cheuk chat with Ōtepoti creatives Jamiema Lorimer, Piupiu Maya Turei and Jörg Bendt about how posters create dialogue within communities.

Calling Community From The Page: Art and Activism

Creative writing is often positioned on the periphery of activism, community-building and mobilisation. However, relational writers cannot create in isolation. NZYWF Young Writer in Residence Ruby Macomber, Carl Naus and others discuss the necessity of creative communities for social change. They explore how creative writing can be a call to action, and the importance of equitable and accessible creative opportunities to amplify the experiences of marginalised voices.

I Identify As An Imposter

The arts are gradually becoming more diverse, but many acclaimed writers of the literary canon are still of the old-white-man persuasion. Given the lack of representation in the field, it can be hard for emerging young authors – especially people of colour and gender diverse folk – to dare to dream of successful careers. We join poet and writer Naomii Seah, NZYWF Young Writer in Residence Ruby Macomber, Isla Huia and Vira Paky as they discuss their creative journeys and the road to overcoming imposter syndrome.

Storytelling Unplugged: finding common ground through podcast narratives

Podcasting is an innovative storytelling technique and a creative entry point for some of today’s most important conversations. We join poet and playwright Vira Paky as she chats with Thabiso Sibanda and Kii Small from the Unpack and PhD: Unpacked podcasts about how to create thought-provoking audio content and the potential of podcasts to amplify voices and ignite change.

Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival

Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival 2023

The Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival was held in Ōtepoti Dunedin, our UNESCO City of Literature.

Join us around the ancient fire of story, as we gather to listen to key events from the 2023
Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival.

We give thanks to mana whenua ki Ōtākou me Puketeraki, Otago Access Radio and all of
our generous supporters, sponsors, audience members and guests, for making these
podcasts possible.

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Te Pūao-Where the River Meets the Sea

Pōwhiri (Part 1)

Panel Session (Part 2)

In Te Pūao: The Place Where the River Meets the Sea, we explore the realms of traditional Mātauraka Māori and Pūrakau. Join Witi Ihimaera, Linda Tuhiwai Smith and Monty Soutar in conversation with mana whenua narrative expert and Ahi Kā story keeper Megan Pōtiki.

Te Pō Whakanui i Witi Ihimaera!
Festival Gala Night

This podcast was recorded live at the Regent Theatre on the first night of the Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival for their Gala Celebration – Te Pō Whakanui i Witi Ihimaera! The event celebrated 50 years of literary inspiration and influence with Stacey Morrison and beloved author Witi Ihimaera. 

Hear from a bevy of writers, poets and musicians including Emma Espiner, Poet Laureate Chris Tse, Fiona Farrell, David Eggleton, Ariana Tikao and more as they reflect on Witi’s influence on their work and the written landscape of Aotearoa. The festival gala was presented by the University of Otago.

Dr. Emma Espiner

In this snippet from the Gala Celebration – Te Pō Whakanui i Witi Ihimaera! Award winning author, broadcaster and political commentator Dr. Emma Espiner (Ngāti Tukorehe, Ngāti Porou) reflects on the profound impact Witi Ihimaera’s work has had on her life.

Fiona Farrell

Author Fiona Farrell and Witi Ihimaera go way back – listen to Fiona’s tales of her time spent with Witi and the significance of these meetings on her writing trajectory. Recorded at the 2023 Gala Celebration – Te Pō Whakanui i Witi Ihimaera!

Chris Tse

A generative poem to Aotearoa’s beloved author Witi Ihimaera, written and spoken by Poet Laureate Chris Tse . As recoded at the 2023 Gala Celebration – Te Pō Whakanui i Witi Ihimaera!

Jacinta Ruru

The lasting ripples of Witi Ihimaera’s work spreads far beyond the horizon, spillling into the hearts of those who most need it. Listen as Aotearoa’s first professor of law- Jacinta Ruru (Raukawa, Ngāti Ranginui) shares her experience and early interactions with Witi Ihimaera’s work.

David Eggleton

Listen to Former Poet Laureate David Eggleton speaking to the life and love of the boundary-pushing and creative legacy of Witi Ihimaera. David’s kōrero starts in and spans Oceania…

Ariana Tikao & Ruby Solly

Close your eyes and listen to the melodies of taonga Pūoro, played by generous creatives Ariana Tikao and Ruby Solly. Let these powerful performers, words and songs, guide you on a journey unique and beautiful.

Ora: Healing Ourselves
Indigenous Knowledge, Healing and Wellbeing

In this podcast we explore Indigenous understandings and practices of wellbeing and healing from trauma, grounded in the knowledge of ancestors and based on research. 

During this conversation, renowned scholar Linda Tuhiwai Smith and Professor Anne-Marie Jackson discuss tikanga Māori concepts, decolonising approaches and prioritising mauri ora for health and well being.

Narrative Warfare
What Happens When Great Stories
Go to Work for Nefarious Purposes

We all know people captivated by conspiracy stories – but are we talking enough about the darker origins of these stories? How much do we really know? 

In Narrative Warfare: What Happens When Great Stories  Go to Work for Nefarious Purposes, Matthew Cunningham and Sanjana Hattotuwa, with chair Ian Telfer, unpack how stories aid the social and cultural intolerances that have shaped and continue to shape Aotearoa society.

This session was presented by the Otago Daily Times. It includes strong language.

From Jewelled Fantasies to Splendid Rags: Reflecting on Kākā Point

Take an imaginative visit to Hone Tuwhare’s crib at Kākā Point, conjured by the reflections and responses of poets, artists and the newly established Tuwhare Creative Residency.

Join your guides Jeanette Wikaira, Manaia Tuwhare-Hoani, Tracey Tawhiao, Ati Teepa and Cilla McQueen as we embark on this journey together. 

This session was presented by the Hone Tuwhare Trust. It includes strong language.

Fierce Hope: The Ihumātao Chapter

Youth activism has been a defining feature of Aotearoa’s recent political landscape. In these unsettling times, the political actions of young New Zealanders are a source of inspiration, challenge and renewal. In this session, presented by the University of Otago, Ihumātao activist Qiane Matata-Sipu is joined by author Karen Nairn and chair Mania Tuwhare-Hoani, to share stories and insights from the frontline.

Radiant Revelry – Celebrating Katherine Mansfield’s Timeless Legacy

On her birthday, and to commemorate the centenary year of her death, over 100 fans gathered to celebrate the life and work of Katherine Mansfield, New Zealand’s iconic, boundary-pushing literary giant. Presented by the Otago University Press, join chair Michelle Elvy and Katherine Mansfield biographer Redmer Yska – author of Katherine Mansfield’s Europe: Station to Station as they delve into the lasting legacy her work.

Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival Podcasts

The Bridge Zone

Sundays @ 12pm

Brought to you by Free FM in Hamilton

The game we know as Contract Bridge departed from ‘whist’ with the creation of ‘Biritch’ (or Russian Whist) in the 19th century, and evolved through the late 19th and early 20th centuries to form the present game.

The Bridge Zone is a radio show and podcast encouraging fellow Bridge players to share the passion that Barry Jones and Mereana Cullen have in playing this challenging game.

The programme is supported by New Zealand Bridge and Hamilton Contract Bridge Club