Northern Lights: Scottish Lighthouses

Throughout 2020 events will be held around Scotland to celebrate and recognise the importance of the country’s coasts and rivers. Scotland’s coastline, including its numerous islands, is over 10,000 miles long while the country is home to more than 31,000 lochs.  Together the many rivers and streams around Scotland cover more than 77,000 miles.
Its coastline has been protected for more than 200 years by several on and offshore lighthouses, built to aid those navigating the perilous waters.   In the programme you are about to hear Scottish broadcaster Stuart McFarlane speak to several people who all share a real interest and passion for the history and heritage of these impressive coastal watchtowers.


Photo: Ledz (left) and Moff.

Moffside is a football podcast on the beautiful game from the perspective of the south of the South Island.

The podcast is presented by former Southern United NWL team assistant coach Stuart Moffatt (Moff) and the both legendary-and-current Southern United midfield play-maker Danny Ledwith (Ledz).

Moff, Ledz and a new guest every week bring the all the banter and humour of the dressing room to the airwaves with a sideways look at football, life, the universe, time travel, music and er…football.

Water We Watching?

Every Second Thursday @ 10pm

Water We Watching is a half-an-hour podcast about the wonderful world of water-based films. It’s a conversational podcast commenting on the multiple aspects of films set in, around or under water. It has a slight comedic nature to it given the ridiculous niche that’s been set but is also hopefully somewhat informative; basically just some fun.

The Bridge Zone

Brought to you by Free FM in Hamilton

The game we know as Contract Bridge departed from ‘whist’ with the creation of ‘Biritch’ (or Russian Whist) in the 19th century, and evolved through the late 19th and early 20th centuries to form the present game.

The Bridge Zone is a radio show and podcast encouraging fellow Bridge players to share the passion that Barry Jones and Mereana Cullen have in playing this challenging game.

The programme is supported by New Zealand Bridge and Hamilton Contract Bridge Club

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On The Fringe with Stuart McFarlane

On The Fringe with Stuart McFarlane

In August 2017, the Edinburgh Festival celebrated its 70th anniversary. It was conceived as a way to bring people together and lift their spirits in the aftermath of the Second World War, and together with the Festival Fringe it has evolved into an eclectic mix of creativity and experimentation.

In this programme, Stuart McFarlane traces the origins of the festival and meets some of the people who have helped shape it over the years.

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The Positivity Show

Every Second Wednesday @ 3pm

Have you ever watched the news and thought it was all a bit negative?

Have you ever thought, why aren’t there any shows about positive stories?

Well, you’re in luck!

Julia and her two lemur friends, Ricky and Ronnie, bring you a show that will put a smile on your face, showcasing stories of people having a positive impact on their communities, locally and around the world.