Being Women

Every Second Tuesday @ 10am
Replayed Wednesdays @ 6pm

A native Hindi speaker as well as fluent in English, Iram explores fashion, food, motherhood, work and Hindi music with her studio guests, sharing conversation and culture with our community.

WOA! – Women On Air

Every Second Wednesday @ 11am

Welcome to WOA! Women on air – a podcast celebrating and championing women who are taking risks, making waves, and challenging the status quo in their fields.

Join Rowan Taigel as she interviews women making their mark in communities all over New Zealand – the innovators, leaders, changemakers, creatives, movers and shakers, and general boat rockers!

Listen in as we get exclusive intel about the successes, the speed bumps, the tangents, and the tips that got these amazing women to where they are today!

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Every Second Sunday @ 12:30pm

What is the world like today for the people who have frequently shocked, challenged and been at the forefront of changes that many see as Outrageous?

Are the Rainbow people still changing their world for the better?

Join host Malcom Angus for Outrageous – The programme that investigates, supports and advocates for the Rainbow People of New Zealand.