New Zealand Young Writers Festival

Studio Vignettes – an Exhibition and Readings

Curated by Isla Thomas, Studio Vignettes was designed as a hub for students and young people to showcase their own and experience each other’s work, including small books or zines.

In this event we will hear from a few of the artists involved in the exhibition.

Fear Factor – Covering yourself in snakes for fun

In this panel discussion and reading, Eliana Gray, Jordan Hamel and a panel of terrified guests discuss what they are really afraid of.

Please Note, this recording includes strong language.

Story and Spirit, Language and Heart

This panel discussion, moderated by Fran Kewene, consists of Eva Grace Mullaley and Zac James from Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company, and Jess Thompson Carr (aka Maori Mermaid). The topic: How language and culture shapes our story telling.

Kate Talks: Celebrating 125 years of women voting

Toitū Otago Settlers Museum in association with the Ministry for Women celebrate Otago as an area where more women signed the suffrage petition than anywhere else in New Zealand.

This was the last of the 125 events and marked the day on which women in New Zealand first voted in the 1893 general election.

Join us for Kate Talks which highlights six inspiring women who will deliver short talks in honour of Kate Sheppard.

Dr Helen Roberts
Pay Equity

Senior Lecturer of Accountancy and Finance at Otago University.

Laura Black
What’s Wrong with Housework? (Quite a Bit)

Director of Methodist Mission Southern

Ashleigh Smith
Bullying and Youth

Co-Founder of Sticks n Stones

Miriama Ketu-McKenzie
Māori Women’s Health

Psychologist, Dunedin Hospital

Deborah Manning
The Journey of Work; Finding the right Path

Founder and CEO of Kiwi Harvest

Dr Sue Bidrose
Keynote Speaker

Dunedin City Council Chief Executive

Wild Dunedin Podcast

Tuesdays @ 5pm
Replayed Saturday 9am and Sunday 6pm

Not your usual nature chat, series 2 of Wild Dunedin Podcast delves into sharky waters and wild forest orgies, tries to figure if your cat has played you, asks if ancient New Zealand got dunked or if the days of doing bombs into the local river are done with. And we definitely, absolutely, resolutely will not put in a sneaky episode about climate change (that you actually could enjoy).

In an exciting collaboration with Dunedin musician Molly Devine, all episodes this year will have bespoke, original music created specifically to give you the feels on that story as we tell it.

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This podcast is supported by the Otago Regional Council Eco-Fund, the Wild Dunedin Festival of Nature and Otago Museum (thanks!) All episodes are dreamed up, recorded and produced by the hard work and dedication of Dr Claire Concannon, Science Outreach Projects Coordinator at Otago Museum, Jamie McAulay, conservation biologist with the Department of Conservation, and Taylor Davies-Colley, botany student and nature frother in the extreme.