Pick a Path Podcast

Thursdays @ 5:30 PM

Pick a Path with Sonja Passmore delves into the modern work environment, with experts discussing topics from recruitment to AI, educating and empowering you on your career journey.
Current and future job markets are explored, offering insights into navigating changes and staying relevant.

Spiritual Chats

Sundays @ 9am

Zac Kim and Jeremy Knox in OAR FM Studio

Spiritual Chats is the podcast where we delve into the intersection of spirituality and everyday life. Join hosts Zac and Jeremy as they explore how nurturing a healthy spiritual outlook impacts daily experiences.

While our discussions stem from a Christian perspective, the goal is to create discussion that resonates with individuals from diverse beliefs and worldviews.

This podcast is supported by C3 Church Dunedin. Visit c3dunedin.org

Broke to Brilliant

Thursday @ 5:30 PM

Join Becky Runga, Financial Adviser, on an inspiring and relatable money journey to transform financial literacy and confidence in New Zealand.

Tune in for a casual money mindset shift and practical tips as we ditch financial stress and work together towards our own versions of a ‘rich life.’

Proudly supported by MortgageMe

Change That Works

Third Monday of the Month at 9.30am
Replayed the following Wednesday at 12pm.


Methodist Mission Southern’s vision is of a safe, caring, and sustainable society where every citizen is valued and respected, and enjoys an equal opportunity to lead a fulfilled life.
Tune into Change That Works to hear how the Mission’s programmes help our communities to achieve that vision.