Dick of the Bay

An original story written by Stephen James Bourne, recorded at his Nurses Bend Studios, Doctors Point Road, Waitati, South Island, New Zealand using a massive and spectacular cast of local available characters and sounds.

Vehicular U-Turns are potentially very dangerous manoeuvers. They are a common occurrence for many New Zealand motorists. In the case of my story, it was one such turn that led to unforeseeable consequences.

An off-duty head of supermarket security finds himself in a small community shaken by a recent tragic death and unwanted intrusion. Compelled through his natural desire for justice and moral duty and an attractive woman, his unearthing of the truth would require a far deeper excavation than he expects for many centuries of historic events to be unearthed.

Thanks to Exisle Publishing for their support

Dick: Stephen James Bourne (SJB)
Dee: Sue Bourne
Sally: Jenny Gleeson (Gallery owner)
Thomas: Gareth St John Thomas (Young Policemen)
Jack: (Senior Police Officer) (SJB)
Serious Crimes Inspector: Sue Bourne
Male Gang Members: (SJB)
Female Gang Member: Jennifer (Glasnost) Gleeson
Village Librarian: Jennifer Gleeson
City Librarian: Sue Bourne
Joshua Block: (SJB)
Bud (the Dog): a variety of local barking dogs.

Theme music: Written, created and recorded by Stephen James Bourne
Background (radio music): Written, created and recorded by Charles Barrington

Femme Fatale

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Music from the likes of the 80s goddess Sharon O’Neill to the contemporary sounds of Grimes.

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Dark Dunedin

When a young woman’s body is discovered in the Dunedin Town Belt, Louise Hepburn is haunted by both the case and her past. From Ōtepoti, the Edinburgh of the south, Prospect Park Productions NZ presents the multi-award-winning thriller, Dark Dunedin.

All episodes written and directed by Emily Duncan
Producer: H-J Kilkelly
Technician: Dominic Angelo-Laloli
Music: Mārama Grant and Eliza Pickard
Artwork: Jess Newton

Dark Dunedin was produced with support from Otago Access Radio, Creative NZ, Creative Communities (Dunedin), the Dunedin Fringe Festival 2018, New Athenaeum Theatre, Olveston Historic Home, Archive Birds NZ, and Dunedin UNESCO City of Literature.

Season One: Heaven Looks On
When a young woman’s body is discovered in the Dunedin Town Belt, Louise Hepburn is haunted by both the case and her past.

Season Two: Playing with Purgatory
(April 2021)
In the second season of Dark Dunedin, Louise Hepburn must find new ways to navigate the town where everyone knows her family business.

Season Three: Breathing Hell
(May 2021)
In the final season of Dark Dunedin, Louise Hepburn must fight for her life like never before.

She wakes up in hospital, lucky to be alive but unsure who she can trust, until new hope and a ticket to escape arrives in the form of someone returning from her past. That is, until, Louise’s escape plan takes a deep dive and nothing short of a miracle will save her.