WOA! – Women On Air

Every Second Wednesday @ 11am

Welcome to WOA! Women on air – a podcast celebrating and championing women who are taking risks, making waves, and challenging the status quo in their fields.

Join Rowan Taigel as she interviews women making their mark in communities all over New Zealand – the innovators, leaders, changemakers, creatives, movers and shakers, and general boat rockers!

Listen in as we get exclusive intel about the successes, the speed bumps, the tangents, and the tips that got these amazing women to where they are today!

For more information about WOA head over to http://www.whatifpld.com/woa-podcast

Puaka Matariki Iriraki Taiopeka

July 13th – July 20th 2020 @ 5pm

In Ōtepoti Dunedin we usually celebrate the Māori New Year through a diverse citywide programme of community events – the Dunedin Puaka Matariki Festival.

But this is not a normal year…

This year, our community will come together virtually, online and on-air, from Monday July 13th to Monday July 20th.

Tune into Puaka Matariki Iriraki Taiopeka for a magic hour of chill stories from a host of local stars.

Femme Fatale

Every Second Wednesday @ 5pm

Want to hear more from your favourite female singers and songwriters?

Listen to Femme Fatale on Wednesdays evenings at 5 on OAR FM.

Music from the likes of the 80s goddess Sharon O’Neill to the contemporary sounds of Grimes.

Music by women. Why wouldn’t you?

The interdimensional Adventures of Esmeralda Luxenburg the Third

Esmerelda Luxemburg the Third is the greatest Space traveller the World has known, The discoveries she has made have uplifted humanity and enabled Earthlings to finally live in a World free from Hunger, Poverty and War.

But Esme is running from a terrible fear, she has been Haunted by a Shadow all her life

After her spacecraft crashes on the Planet Aum, Esme is separated from her Loyal Comrades, Russell and Cosmo. She wanders the planet and meets Magnificent Creatures who give her a grain of truth and a pearl of Wisdom. She undergoes Challenges that shake her to the core, until she has no choice but to face The Shadow, her ultimate fear.

A Glimpse of Galverstone

Welcome to a Glimpse of Galverstone, a series looking into 24 hours into the lives of ordinary Kiwis, living extraordinary lives, in Galverstone.

Galverstone, a wee cracker of a town, tucked away under the shadow of the Mighty Ruapehu Mountain. This is Ngati Rangi land, hosting some of the most rugged townships in the North Island.