Bluesology Profiles

Tony Nielsen introduces to a new Bluesology Profile each week, sharing a Blues Hall of Fame artist, talking about their life and recording history, and playing highlights of their music.

Check out big names such as Robert Johnson, Little Walter Jacobs, Jimmy Reed, Bo Didley, Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Sonny Boy Williamson, Howlin’ Wolf and Blind Willie McTell.

Hamro Awaz

Tuesdays @ 6:30pm

Hamro Awaz is the representative voice of the Nepalese and Bhutanese community in Dunedin. The program primarily features Nepalese music, discussions on Nepalese cultures, historical information, and airs every Tuesday at 6:30 pm. Dr. Ashik Banstoa and Govinda (Tika) Ghimire, the host duo, have created this program with the aim of promoting Nepalese culture in Aotearoa and fostering connections with the land.

As a Treaty partner, we wholeheartedly embrace and share our culture with the diverse community of Ōtepoti.

Write Spot with Dunedin UNESCO City of Literature

Every Second Wednesday @ 8:40am

In 2014, Dunedin became a UNESCO City of Literature and a member of the wider Creative Communities Network.

It’s all about connecting with readers through libraries, schools, bookshops, festivals, workshops, events, performances, exhibitions and more. We celebrate our wonderful writers of fiction and non-fiction, poets, oral storytellers, playwrights, screenwriters and lyricists.

Every fortnight on Otago Access Radio’s OARsome Morning Show, Write Spot takes a look at how our city is embracing its City of Literature status with Dunedin UNESCO City of Literature director Nicky Page.

Dunedin Multi Cultural Council On Air

Tuesdays @ 6pm

More than 90 different ethnic groups are represented in Dunedin, and Dunedin Multi Cultural Council exists to ensure we all have the same rights and responsibilities.

Join as Peter Kesha and Lux Selvanesan and the DMCC teams with their projects and programmes such as Women’s Council, Youth Council, Senior Council, Arts and Culture, and other special shows, discussion topics, current affairs, and celebrating diversity.

Retrospect ’60s Garage Punk Show

Profile 2013 RetroSpectSo…… Sixties Garage Punk. The harder end of the ‘garage boom’ of the mid sixties – the (mainly) American kids who hit their parents’ garages, pushed the Buick out and set up whatever cheap instruments they could find, and earnestly bashed out whatever ‘British Invasion’ covers they could muster. The more proficient might score a teen dance, or a school assembly gig, even the heady heights of a vanity pressing of fifty copies of their very own 45!

The Garage Standards are well known – Electric Prunes, Standells, The always awesome Sonics, much of the stuff on the seminal Nuggets comp and later box set. That’s the bedrock for sure, but I highly recommends the lesser-known Pebbles and Rubble series of comps- the seriously great Back From The Grave series, the Love, Peace & Poetry comps, (with the American, African and Mexican psychedelia focused releases particularly great).

But that’s just the tip of the garage punk iceberg…. I mix in obscurities from comps with groovy titles like Slitherama Teen Trash From Psychedelic Tokyo 66-69 , Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain, Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils – Swedish 60s and 70s Pop, Freakbeat, Psych, Garage and Prog Nuggets, Los Nuggetz -60s punk, pop and psychedelic from Latin America, Garage  Psychedelic and Rock n Roll from the Un-natural State Arkansas, Persian Underground – Garage Rock, Beat and Psychedelic Sounds from The Iranian 60’s & 70’s Scene, Savage Sounds from South Africa – Rare 60s Beat Garage Growlers From Beyond the Cape of Good Hope, and that barely even covers the crate-digging excesses of the unreleased vinyl acetates, often with unidentified bands who we can only assume are the aforementioned teens in the suburbs of middle America.

Heady stuff. Crude stuff at times, but with an earthy charm that’s got me hooked.
Retrospect is a weekly radio show and podcast presented by Phil Grey, produced and first broadcast at FreeFM.

Thanks for checking out Retrospect  ’60s Garage Punk Show, and keep in touch via Twitter @RetroSpectRadio , and join in the conversations of Facebook where each episode, cool videos and heaps more will be posted every week.

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Namasthe Telugu

Mondays @ 8:30pm

Telugu is one of the sweetest languages spoken in the southern part of India – known as the Italian of the East due to its melodic nature. Listen to Telugu songs that are rich in music and meaning, and hear more about this beautiful place, on Namasthe Telugu with Sasi Bhushan.

Part of the Connecting Cultures Zone