Noticing Neoliberalism on Youth Zone

Fortnightly Fridays @ 4pm

Libby Flett from Innov8HQ‘s Mana Rangatahi programme invites you to unpack the ideas that shape public policy and economic thought – neoliberalism, and how these ideas impact everyone every day yet are not communicated or widely known.

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One in Four

Fortnightly Wednesday @ 9:30-10am

What is mental health, and how do we look after and even enhance it? Join Matt Jenkins on his journey to understand mental health in the context of Aotearoa New Zealand by exploring the latest research and real stories that goes beyond the numbers.

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Minor Gossip on Youth Zone

Mondays @ 4.30pm

Members of the Dunedin Youth Writers Association sit down to talk about writing, reading, and the Dunedin arts and literature scene in general. “Minor Gossip” is lighthearted, funny, energetic, and relatable to the creative youth of Dunedin.

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Enrich with Richa

Fortnightly Thursday @ 8.30pm

A native Hindi speaker from the city of dreams, Mumbai, Richa Berde takes you on an enriching journey of connecting Hindi speaking communities of Aotearoa and anyone who is interested in learning Hindi along with the cultural aspects of the language. Join us for conversations on cultural exchange and identity. गप्पे शप्पे हो जाये?
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The Journey Home

Thursdays @ 7pm

The Journey Home – a programme dedicated to inner awareness, holistic mental health, mindfulness and emotional well-being.
Each show includes a guided meditation to assist you to find your real self through balance and harmony.
Join Jason Swaffield as we focus on the inner and outer journey we are all upon to find a place of peace and awareness called ‘home’.
When listening to meditation music, make sure you are in a safe and comfortable place. You must not listen to any meditation music or experience whilst driving a vehicle, operating machinery or performing any task that requires your concentration and attention.
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Global Rural Nursing Exchange Network’s “World Tour”

Third Sunday of the month @ 7pm
Replayed the following Wednesday @ 12pm

Each month we visit another country around the globe to bring together our global rural, and remote, healthcare communities.

We sample the local culture, get a feel for the place, the people, the lives of ordinary people, and hear from health professionals about their lives looking after communities in rural areas.

Your host is Samuel Mann from Ōtepoti Dunedin, New Zealand, Professor in the College of Work-Based Learning from Otago Polytechnic, Te Pukenga, New Zealand.

Sofea’s Study Space on Youth Zone

Fortnightly Thursdays @ 3.30pm

On Sofea’s Study Space, Sofea discusses different study techniques and how they can be implemented into a study routine. She also talks about different aspects of high school life such as extracurriculars, academic pressure, and productivity.

Sathsara Rāwa

Join Suranga Dassanayake every Wednesdays at 7 PM as he explores Sri Lankan culture through music from  the 70’s, 80s, 90s and 2000’s  – the golden era of Sri Lankan Sinhala songs.

Sathsara Rāwa will stir memories for Sri Lankan migrants, and offer insight into Sri Lankan culture to their children.
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For Our People – Diverse Dunedin Shares Its Vaccination Stories

In this podcast and radio series, our ethnic communities share stories on their personal and cultural reasons for getting fully vaccinated.

For Our People is made with the support of the Ministry of Health ‘COVID-19 vaccine: Ethnic Communities Communications Fund’. 

Episode 1 | Jasmin Ramli

Malaysian student Anis Arina Jasmin Md Ramli is a graduate in Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Otago.

Episode 2 | Lisa Li

Lisa Li from China made New Zealand home with her family since 20 years ago.

Episode 3 | Amir Amini

From Iran, ‘Prince of Persia’ Amir Amini, was a PhD student in Food Science introducing a new functional food with the additional health benefits.


Episode 4 | Juncheng Liu

Juncheng Liu currently works as a postdoc researcher at department of computer science, University of Otago. He came to New Zealand in 2019 right after he obtained his PhD degree from Peking University, China. He has been working on and passionate about developing AI / machine learning related algorithms.


Episode 5 | Nuzla Ismail

Nuzla Ismail is a researcher at University of Otago who completed her PhD in Information Science last year. She is passionate about technology and empowering women. Nuzla shares her vaccination story in the point of view of a Sri Lankan and also a pregnant mother.

Episode 6 | Lan Bui

Vietnamese student Lan Bui studies a BA (Hons) in Linguistics, specialise in Second Language Acquisition at the University of Otago.


Episode 7 | Justine Chutrau

Justine Chutrau from Argentina worked in hospitality and tourism management as a Lodge Manager. This is her vaccination story.

Episode 8 | Armando Clado Jr

Armando Clado Jr speaks in Tagalog representing the Dunedin Philippine Club Incorporated – DPCI. “We are meant for socialisation, not isolation”. This is his vaccination story.

Episode 9 | Sungkyong Lee

Korean native speaker Sungkyong Lee shares her vaccination story, with the perspective of a Public Health PhD student.
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