NZ Arabic

Thursdays @ 7 PM

اكتشف نبضات الجالية العربية في نيوزيلندا مع برنامج إذاعي وبودكاست يقدمه الصحفي أمجد السعد على OAR FM

استمتع كل يوم خميس في الساعة 7 مساء لثراء الموسيقى العربية وتحديثات الأخبار السريعة والمناقشات المتعمقة حول مواضيع متنوعة كل أسبوع ، والتي تضم ضيوفا خبراء في مجالات علمية وفنية وسياسية

برنامج NZ بالعربي من خلاله نلتقي لنرتقي

البودكاست متوفرة على ، وتطبيق سبوتيفي

Discover the heartbeat of the Arab community in New Zealand with journalist Amjed Al-Saad. Richness of Arabic music, quick news updates to in-depth discussions of diverse topics each week, featuring expert guests. In ‘NZ Arabic’, we meet to rise together. Podcasts available on, Apple Podcasts and later on Spotify.

Change That Works

Third Monday of the Month at 9.30am
Replayed the following Wednesday at 12pm.


Methodist Mission Southern’s vision is of a safe, caring, and sustainable society where every citizen is valued and respected, and enjoys an equal opportunity to lead a fulfilled life.
Tune into Change That Works to hear how the Mission’s programmes help our communities to achieve that vision.

Gospel Voice

Fortnightly Sundays @ 9.30am

Gospel Voice through Christ Loves All Nations. 

Join this great journey of Christian faith that brings joy, peace, hope, Christ’s love and healing in the community.